I dont know what its called but I seem to be developing a gift of seeing into others situations and whats going on. I first noticed this by chance with a friend. It helps when i have something to connect to like a picture.
So i was wondering if anyone would like to help work on developing it more. I just need something i can connect to like a picture. Doesn’t have to be a picture of you if you arent comfortable. But something i can connect to you and get a feel. So anyway, if anyone feels game just message me :slight_smile:

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Arianna I believe you are right in your predictions. The number I got from the situation is same number you got. You also did well in predicting the overall emotion of it all. I’d say your reading was spot on. More people should come to you.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Haha thats how i do my Tarot readings actually. I connect to the person and then read. Its draining though over distances.

You were right on with your assessment, arianna. I’ll be sure to come back when I have something more specific for you to practice on. Because, we all need to practice.