Okay, as Im exercising my meditation capacity it hits a point where I think my eyes are cracked open a bit because I can vaguely start to see my legs and things around me in the dark like the corners of the room, a window, etc and then I cime to find out my eyes were wide shut the whole time. How can I discern if this is scrying vision beginning to open or just imprint image retaining?

By making changes you weren’t able to see before sitting down to your practice.

One easy way would be to get a couple markers of different colors, but otherwise identical. Before your practice, with eyes closed, grab one at random and place on a shelf, table, etc. If you can correctly ‘see’ the color of the marker, then that could be considered progress.

Its always a pleasure albiet a some what rare one when I realize I am seeing the room with my eyes closed. Its usually a spot on representation of the vantage I would have if I opened my eyes. However due to one incident in which my position shifted I posit that this the begenning of a WILD or wake induced lucid dream because this always happens in deep trance when one is just hanging on to observation.

I get this during meditation, the only difference is the room appears to be dark as in someone pulled the blinds and curtains just before dark. If I open my eyes the room is much better lit than the appearance with eyes closed. I agree with Cogitation that it is more likely a WILD episode.

It’s a good question, because the two are quite similar, and I can see how you could accidentally write off seeing with your eyes closed as seeing through a tiny crack.

It randomly happens to me when I meditate before bed. Sometimes I notice I can see my room through my closed eyes while trying to sleep afterwards. It kind of looks like night vision goggles, with everything kind of defined by a green/blue glow.

If you have the presence of mind to be able to question which one it is, you should be able to tell fairly easily. It’s more glowy energy than light.

It’s also more common than you might think. Every time I’ve brought it up, there have always been a least a few people who have experienced it.

And if you can’t discern the colours, try simple bold shapes, like a star, circle, and diamon-shape, in black on white card. I have trouble with colour sometimes and shapes work better for me.

I notice when someine comes in the room I can follow their movement but they appear like a shadow with no shape. I have been trying the shapes thing Lady Eva and Arkhilokus Im going to give the color thing a try…

I’ve been doing that a lot lately and thinking why are my eyes opening, but then I open them fully and realized they weren’t cracked, it was part of my vision because the room is much more bright while they’re open and I can tell when I open my eyes that I am in a trance like state as everything is distorted a lil.