Vision of a man staring at me

I had a interesting vision last night. I woke up after about 3:00am and when I closed my eyes I saw a clear daylight vision of a man’s face staring at me from about a foot away from me. He was a white male with tan skin, about late 30’s, Bowl cut hair style, and piercing dark eyes. His eyes were moving as if looking back at me. This lasted for about 20 seconds before it went away. He kind of looked like a younger Fabio with short hair and unhuman like eyes.

Yesterday I did an evocation for the Archangel Raphael to help with intuition. There was no indication of a spirit presence so maybe this vision was related to this in some way. Anyway I think this was an interesting experience so I thought I would share.

wonder if that was Raphael

That was what I was thinking. He is the only spirit I have tried to contact recently.