Vision Interpretation help

So this is an odd one that I really don’t even know how to explain but it was very very powerful.

For starters my third eye is usually open when I meditate. It opens effortlessly most times. I have visions but they are usually short and rapid fire (animals, faces, a few friendly spirits stopping by to say hello) but occasionally I have longer ones.

The first occurred last week.
During that meditation I was having relatively few visions. Then a purple ripple began emanating from my third eye and an image formed. At first I saw a sword lying on a table. Second a hand reached for the sword, the hand felt as if it was mine and not mine at once, and picked it up and unsheathed it. Then the image dispersed and was replaced by an image of a devastated battlefield covered in burn marks, corpses, modern and ancient weaponry, and in the center the sword lay stuck in the ground like a grave marker.

The second vision occurred today and spurred this post. This one was much more vivid.

During this meditation I had more flash image visions. Inari Okami, another kitsune, a bat, a wolf, and a couple human faces I didn’t recognize. Then came the second part. The image of a crevice extending deep below the ground formed in my head in an instant. The surrounding landscape was barren and rocky. Reminiscent of the southwest us but with different color rocks. I felt a sense of dread and I saw a great and somewhat formless beast begin to claw its way out of the crevice. The beast was covered in what might have been black fur but it was hard to tell. Its like reality was distorting around it. It had numerous tails and one gigantic red eye covered in symbols I didn’t recognize. The image then changed to the beast sitting on the barren land. Before it stood five warriors. Among them a swordsman carrying the sword from the other vision. The beast reached out a claw towards the swordsman and gently touched his chest. Then I felt a strong pulsation of energy start coursing through my body emanating from the same spot. After a couple seconds the image dispersed and then the energy, independent of my will, settled into a gently swirling vortex near my power dantian.

The whole thing is concerning and a tad unsettling. Any help interpretation wise is appreciated.