Virginity as an offering?

I was just reading a thread and it mentioned offering your virginity to a demon. I never thought a virginity as some object like you can even offer, and I think you’re still a virgin until you fuck an actual human …

But I always wanted a close relationship with Lucifer and it doesn’t need to be sexual… I still would like the same things I would want if I did barter of my virginity.

To be that’s demeaning, like you should have a lot more than just sex to offer, like a talent it someone you’d do for the world

I wouldn’t recommend it from personal experience. You will gain a lot of power, tho, depending on who you choose.

Can you still gain power without offering virginity. I have things off higher value such as making big changes in the world. And if I were too should I go with Lucifer? I’ve been wanting fuck a demon for a while now

Lucifer is an angel. Um, you can gain power through accomplishments, yes.

Sry I would pm you but idk how. I’m asking for power/support and in about ~10 years I would’ve done something with the support. It’s like an investment

Lucifer is the infernal emperor, a dark god of Sitra Ahra, later on JCI lore changed him into a rogue angel.

This isn’t true at all he works with both his right hand of light as the light bringer and illuminator.
His left hand of darkness is active too.

Lucifer is often associated with many planets and many elements but like Bill Duvendack, Asenath Mason, EA Koetting and from my ten year experience.

He is a being of infernal power, he is the perfect balance of light and darkness, feminine and masculine and transcends the human concept of good and evil.

To answer you’re question the only way you can offer up you’re physical virginity, would be to have another person be possessed by the demon.

As their possessed they take you’re virginity then as an offering, however be careful there are many charlatans out there who will just use you for a quick fuck and go along with it like a roleplaying fantasy.

You need someone who’s been doing this for a few years.

It must be through a possessed person.