Vinegar break up jar broke automatically

hey everyone i did a vinegar jar break up spell 3 months before for my ex and her new bf i was shaking it twice daily , but in the noon i found it broken automatically , i dint knw how it broke may be servent broke it accidently while cleaning , it was hidden under a table in another room , i cleaned evrythnh and kept everythn messy in a polybag , what shoud i do with this now , should i bury the remains of it , i took 2 paid tarrot reading from one of the best tarot reader in india both time she said they will get seperated till dec 2020 , my qns is what shoud i do now?? should i do this vinegar breakup jar spell again??
any help will be appreciated

First of all, you should cleanse your place not only physically, but also spiritually - use a sage or whatever you use to cleanse in general.
I’d recommend to throw away the wastes of the spell in a running water - for example a river or a stream, and redo it.
Broken jar could mean though that your targets have protections that cause your spell “to break”.

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