I’ve read that he can take a persons soul without permission. Satan has to ask god first but I didn’t know Vine played gangsta with it. So who’s sinning, me or the spirit?

That seems heavily religious.


Not really. It is widely accepted in this community that Satan doesn’t need the soul of anyone and many people here, by experience, won’t recognize such authority of the Christian god .

Who is to blame, the general or the soldier?

I’ve read these and all info of different websites say the same thing about it. Thanks for replies anyways guys.

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There’s no such thing as “sin”.
It’s made up by humans to keep control of other humans in a cult I don’t care about.


Eh, we have multiple threads discussing soul selling, which would be part of the subject of soul ownership. You should check them out using the search function. I personally have not had any spirit (demon or otherwise) ask for my soul. My alligence is another matter entirely though.

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I’m fully aware and wokre, I know what I’m doing at the moment but cheers bro