VINE: What Is My Understanding?

Life is Beautiful :slight_smile: Right? I dare say so!

Look at a vineyard… plenty of food in the form of grapes, plenty of drinks for those inclined.

Ever grown a tomato tree? Or had a garden salad? Thanks VINE! You are the best :slight_smile:

Ayahuasca fan? Also known as the Mother Vine…

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Do you see why I have such a great respect for the vine?

It seems to me that the vine is a very important aspect of life here on Earth, as for it climbs and weaves its way through life… it does so in ways that we have come to love and enjoy, although how aware and thankful/grateful are we really?

So I guess that is why I post today…

To sing my praise :slight_smile:

Here are my ideas of what else can be done to pay homage to the VINE ENERGY:

  1. Plant a tomato tree and cultivate it in a healthy and organic manner that shows how much you care for the land that you live on, making sure that the vine has the best possible life it can… and as such you will be rewarded with some amazingly tasty and healthy food :slight_smile:

  2. Donate some of that food to the elementals in your area, how? It could really be as easy as sharing some of the tomatoes you have grown by tossing into the garden as you eat your meal… as the cartoon Spirited Away displays (Spirited Away (Original Japanese Version) - YouTube), the spirits have a nice feed… and as a bonus the leftovers may self seed and start to spread: continuing the way of the vine.

  3. Consume goods that come from the vine, and as point #two states… be sure to share :slight_smile:

  4. Which brings me back to point number two: if you have the land and you decide to start growing even more vine related product… I’m sure the human spirit would too appreciate some of your bounty, hence the saying as we grow up “Sharing Is Caring”… this would be the true meaning of “Human Nature”: would that be right? Once again… I dare say so! If you don’t have much relations with your neighbors, you could also join something like the #foodisfree movement and really take this concept to the next level…

  5. Listen to a devotional enn/mantra/chant or even a song that is in honour and respect the the vine, then be sure to share and/or like and/or even buy the music and follow the current to your next and ongoing adventure… for example: Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Official Music Video) - YouTube Abundance is everywhere, and for our collective enjoyment!

  6. Work for a company that deals with the vine, or at least attempt to by writing a fun cover letter such as this one which clearly shares it’s love for the many different aspects of the wine vine :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. Do your best to support organic vine products that aren’t causing damage to the land it grows from, or the vine itself… after all, the vine is only as strong as the environment it grows upon… so the better we care for the land we walk upon, the stronger connection we have with the spirits associated with, and the better bounty we all benefit from (food really is the best medicine, and it is the energy that we so dearly need and rely upon day to day season to season harvest to harvest… the better the energy, the better the results, the better the life: for the vine and for us all).

Chaldean numerology states that seven is a challenging number for a current name, and maybe that is why the Buddha stated that life is suffering… because Eastern Philosophy states that we have seven chakras or energy points on our etheric body, and that is probably why seven is also a number associated with divinity… hence me leaving it at seven points to consider…

Although I must also point out that each energy center is associated with a different colour, and the divinity that many speak of is obviously transferred to us through the foods we eat from the elementals that so gracefully provide for us… such as the VINE

Red/orange/yellow/green tomatos
Green/purple/black grapes

So let us pay our respects to this and all the spirits of the land, for they live and breathe us just as much as we live and breathe them :slight_smile:




So let’s live it as such…