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Just found out that Tuesday my daughters have a custody case before a brand new judge, against the cult they escaped. The cult wants to be able to take the kids to the prison to see their daddy, as well as sleep overs.
Truthfully, I think we will crush the shit outta them, bu they got a new lawyer (who everyone called the blood lapping pitbull) but he has only met them once and has has no time to really prepare.
I am wanting to work some severe rituals, but want to steer clear of Goetic sigils whereever possible. I have the Demonolatry Goetia in which I have written down as many non goetic sigils I can find- but the above names i can not find NOn g. sigils.
In the past I have been giving a link where there are sigils written down in a note book- I am assuming they are EA’s. but i can’t find the link.
If anyone knows of non/g sigils for those above I would really appreciate it.
Aslo, is you know of any demons powers or forces, with signs seals and sigils and any needed info to work with so when the judge says 'ready, set, go !" a tsunami of force and power can wash in and sweep the enemy and their childmolesting psycho cult into hells septic tank-9above ground is too godd for these ones). I would really appreciate it.
This lawyer is also planning to completely Plow this cult into the light of the society around them which have turned their heads for 30 years. Finally- dozens of UNdocumented suspicious child deaths, hundreds of rapes and molestations- kidnappings, frauds, thievings, tax evasions, as well as some key people who were hammered into silence but want to talk will be erupting into the eyes of the public- name, names and names.
AAaand, he is wanting us to find “Publishers or bookwriters” . It looks like I am expected to create the 'Media Storm"- which I was so rudely bitchslapped at the beginning of this thing 5 years ago into not doing by their waste of time lawyer and Mormon PA.
So, things is great- but if for right now, I could get the sigils info- and anything else of use I would be really appreciated.
also, my daughter is not a full blown demonolater yet, she is kinda a trapped Momalator- but if i could send her some Demons or entities to light candles, chant enns or pray to to bouy her (kinda unervingly) sweet gentle tender loving spirit; maybe bring out the Tiamat Dragon Mama; that would be really great also.
Please help if you can!

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Well Beilial has help me lots in my custody issues and I been winning from almost certain defeat I would try him
As to Cult group I would curse the shit out of them follow up with a salted earth poilicys of complete destruction

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Alittle late, but thanks for the future, the enemy was smashed dashed and destroyed in court, for which I have already thanked the “Helpers”. They were no bullshitting around and recieving their assignments, beyond what I could have expected— even though they are still sucking my air- but I make sure it is wind from my nethers !!