Vine & my evening with him

Had an amazing evening last night. It was Vine’s turn on my 72 journey… ive found some spirits really distant and others much more interested.

Before it was time i kept seeing partial manifestations in the form of small dense white fog patches appearing in the lit room (nope, nothing was on fire) then during the ritual white and black movement/shapes… orbs flying past in direct timing to questions, i could feel energy on my hand & lower arm, and saw a more solid shape move towards me. One moving shadow thing actually blacked out the small light source for a moment. And i saw a figure try to materialise.

Give that im 40, and not worked with this for 20 years, i can say with confidence that prior to this i did not see such things. They have come about directly from doing this working.

In my dream after i was in a smallish opulent apartmemt, the guide there was trying to teach me some things, and showed me a book with sigils in. At the time i said that i had it. I recall him passing me the book, it was thick with a red cover, gold embossed writing with sigils or a talisman on it. … i think it was a Solomanic book , but having done some googling im not so sure.

Also, in the ritual he told me that the spirits have always watched over the planet, seeing the small creatures come & go, following “evolution” but not really the individual animals. But long ago sone primates caught their attention, and that is when we were begun to be created. The spirits “helping” us become more than the other animals. I think that they still think of humanity in the same way as the wild bunnies and such, but those of us who call to them, they are glad to help & that is why they come to our call.


Thanks for sharing, can I pm you.

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