Viking music - "Galdr" (aka "song")

I’ll keep it short and sweet - galdr is the art of ‘singing’ the power of runes into expression/grounding/manifestation - harnessing the total power of the runes however can be done through - E.A.K.'s viking course - being entirely channeled and is as infinitely Epic in potential than one could wish for. For those that have seen Thor, the marvel movie… to me, my personal impression of my interaction with these beings, having the course is that everything that they teach you astrally is prep for physical integration as the astral and physical are 1, here, and now, and all life is multidimensional. Definately also check out Asbjörn Tjrörvol’s book - it’s most absolutely worth it as well - a powerful addon! :)) -

The first song, at the very least is a calling upon the forces of the runes - I am still analyzing the effect of the other songs… :slight_smile: