Viewing Fear as a spirit, how can I exorcise it?

This is old bt besides exorcising fear. What are ways to manage and face your fears?

This idea comes from shamanism, and in western occult terms, you can visualise the fear as an entity, probably a parasitic one, and banish it. I have talked on here before about my experience doing the same thing with depression.

There are other techniques, such as those Josephine McCarthy describes in her book on exorcism. There’s a few, and once you have a handle on this thing as it’s own entity, then exorcism or banishing is much the same as for any other spirit.

You might like to read through the tutorials for geting rid of parasites as well, if’s more of the same.


Vibrational work. Abraham Hicks on YouTube and the book called Ask & It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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I’m going to be honest, if you can’t manage to spell three letter words, I’m not going to bother with three sentence (or longer) responses.

I appreciate the punctuation, otherwise.

Edit - let me update this to include 4 letter words. I hope more effort gets put into the spirits…


Do you really believe “Fear” the emotion is a spirit? Because if you don’t banishing it like a spirit probably isn’t going to get you too far. Unless you can really believe that fear is something you can separate from yourself, treating it as something outside you won’t last long.

I’ll give an answer though. But first I want to talk about fear in general. It seems like you don’t want to confront your fear and that’s why you’ve made a post asking how to “exorcise” it. So let me ask you, how do you intend to see your fear as a mildly-physical manifested spirit in front of you that can be exorcised if you don’t want to confront what it’s made of? Let’s go back to my comment on believing your fear is a spirit, if fear is a spirit it’s going to be a frightening and mean one. It’s going to shout out all the things that scare you and dredge up your nightmares. You’re going to have to face them to banish it. There’s no imaging fear is something beautiful and pretty and manifested as a lovely flower that smells like calmness, No. No. If you’re going to convince yourself that your fear is a spirit that can be exorcised, you have to face it.

Which is why I view this approach as one of the more challenging ones. I mean, what confidence and courage to pull all those moments of fear out of yourself, look them dead in the eye, and say I see you and no longer accept you. You can’t (r)eject something you refuse to acknowledge. I mean, look at the post you quoted. Does that look like fun to manifest and try to exorcise? You’re not going to be able to just say “Fear, I evoke thee” with ritual robes on, athames, and incense, and a pentagram or a cross out and have it do anything.

The path you’re looking for is a hard one. But, thanks for the idea, maybe I’ll turn out the lights one night and meditate on this, try to evoke some of my fears. It’ll go in my Meandering journal if anyone is interested in a light-horror story.

Regardless, it’s exciting you’re looking to confront your fear. Spiritual-bypassing isn’t going to get anyone very far.

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