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Okay so in the video game called borders 3 for ps4, in the opening level you talk to a siren named Lilith, who guides you through the first chapter and later becomes your leader. She speaks to you through telepathy, and the main character even says, “oh, great, a lady in my head,” or something along those lines. This is how Lilith talks to me no lie, is through direct telepathy before I ever found this game. Later Lilith gets her powers drained by another siren and walks away holding her stomach in pain. When I first began my relationship with succubi I also dealt with this pain in my stomach as well as others I have read about. It’s a beginner thing for sure but anyways,
After that you travel to a planet called Prometheus. I’m sure everyone knows Prometheus in mythology is connected to Lucifer. All of this is in a video game mainly played by children. I have noticed this quite a bit in pop culture, and as a writer that definitely intrigues me.
I was wondering if anyone else has thoughts on this

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Lore and stuff like this are a very big inspiration for many tv shows, video games, comics, stories, etc. Greek Mythology especially, is quite popular. Egyptian too. Even Tarot is (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of shows, for example.)

Names are quite popular too. There’s God of War, a game which ties to Norse Mythology.

I’ve seen people get inspired by them for fanfictions too! A writer friend of mind was taking inspiration of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven, and planning to do a Prometheus AU (I haven’t seen if it’s done or if she went through with the idea) but it’s certainly interesting. I’m also seeing Myhtological fiction with Hindu Pantheon (Amish is a popular writer).

It intrigues me, especially historical fiction because the amount of research to go into it is a lot. I stick to short, modern time stories or fantasy because there are no rules to follow, and it’s a fertile ground for worldbuilding.

Edit: We all know that Hades and Persephone have to be the most popular, if not well known couple.


@Onion check out darksiders video game series guess who’s the main antagonist…


Wow. I always wanna see or play things which has their names/characters but if I know something about the spirit/deity I start to critique it a lot and just suck the fun out of it.

Also separating actors and the spirit. Whenever I tried to see Loki I wouldn’t see Norse Loki, I would see Tom Hiddleston…

I just watched the trailer for that game, it kinda gave me Deadpool vibes. Seemed cool though. I wonder how the gameplay is I know borderlands is fun all the way through.
Also with so many characters named after entities I would probably be comparing the story in the game alot to the lore that I know, would probably be pretty interesting

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