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So, I’m trying to decide what (if any) courses to get since they’re discounted at the moment but was hoping to get some reviews/thoughts first. Already looked through the forum and couldn’t find what I was looking for. What I’m trying to get are thoughts, opinions, and any other information on the Black Magick course, and the companion courses for the first four Gatekeeper books. Would love to at least know the run time for the Gatekeeper courses. I know some run short and that info being omitted from the product page has me concerned.

Also I’d love thoughts on any of the courses, but again as I’m looking to buy, I’d like to prioritize the five above. Thanks in advance.

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I don’t own any of the gatekeeper courses. I do own nine of the others, including the black magick course. The black magick course is good If you are trying to establish a practice. It covers spirit contact, but evocation is not really dealt with. Neither is soul travel or divination. This is geared towards results oriented magick and doesn’t really delve into the esoteric.

So here’s what you get:


Looks like a great list and great next step for me honestly. If you don’t mind me asking, which other courses do you have? I’m interested in pretty much all of them so I’d love as much info as I can get if you don’t mind sharing.

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I have the three original Mastering courses, Divination, Evocation, and Soul Travel.


Haitian vodoun
Mastering divination
Mastering evocation
Mastering soul travel
Black magick
Norse magick (koettings course, not Torvals)
The astral projection and kundalini courses by Robert Bruce
Egyptian Black Magick.

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I would agree that the black magic course is good if you’re looking for a solid foundation, or if you’re style is closer to witchcraft. All in all, it’s a good course and I’m actually working through it again as a sort of “back to basics” kind of thing. With that said, you will eventually want to get into the other Mastering courses to push yourself further.

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I agree with that idea. I would explore those before any of the gatekeeper stuff.

Where are the video couses…i purchased one some time ago… and I can’t find it

You will find it under “my account” in the store website

Just a note, some people have complained that you can’t download the videos now. If you’re watching on a desktop or laptop you can still right click the actual video itself and select “save video as…” and it still works. I prefer saving the videos myself just Incase the site is down or run into issues with my own internet

Honestly, I’d love your thoughts on all of those. I’ve got the three mastery courses which are great. I’ve had my eye on all of them actually.

And thanks for the heads-up @Reaper182 . I think I heard something about that a while back so glad to know that “save video as” option is still a thing. I’ve got all my videos and PDFs on a USB so I’d prefer to keep everything in one spot.

I would also love to know a little bit more about the norse magick course (koetting course)