Video. Atlantean Aryans, White Peoples true origins!

The origin of white people and what the true hidden agenda for why white genocide is being sought by the Zionist elites, we are the progenitors of advanced civilization.

And why most ancient statue’s have blue eye’s.


Bless YPG and the Kurds for defending the Yazidi people, look how beautiful these people are, it boils my blood to think of what these children are being put through in the sex dungeons of Isis!.


I’m going to kill anyone who dares to do such a thing to anyone of my race. Any other race as well


These are not men, they are beast’s!

I’m not trying to kill everyone who isn’t White just racists and people who have actually done something


Israelis, the driving force of the Abrahamic egregore, though economic and religion alliance with the Gentile.

Africans, the mass immigrant population in western Europe that is ruthless in riots and crime rates.

Arabs, pushers of the assimilation religion by slavery and subjugation.

Hispanics will end up destroying themselves. Lol


So what you are saying is, Everyone’s bad and has their own agendas? Or just the ones listed inperticulare?:confused:

The ones in Europe who are trying to alter the political or social scene as well as the immigrant gangsters and thugs, which count for most of the immigrants as the majority are male transients. The rest who are just minding their own business in their nations are no threat.


Just because I want people to remember our divine origin’s and fight against the pollution of our fine and beautiful genetics, doesn’t mean I hate those who aren’t, we Aryans are descendants of those who came from the heaven’s.

I love my people and I will die to protect them, from invaders and ys home and abroad.

The guy who produced that vid is Robert Sepher. Here is an even better video.

His youtube channel is Atlantean Gardens.


@Sic_Draco Look into the origins of the Basque people. Oldest people in Europe by millennia. Their oldest origins are unknown but they are considered the ancestors to the gaelic heritages of the British isles, meaning they are older than when Stonehenge was built.
Some pagan symbolism of the ancient Basque cultures can be similar to that of the Aryan spiritual traditions, also.


Yeah they are RH negative, the god gene, funnily enough it turns out I’ve been drawn to and been surrounded by Rh negative people all my life.

That’s why Mexico is such a mighty Empire with a thriving economy, right? Or why Africans have had such an awesome track record with government, law, arts, and economy for millennia, right? (sarcasm) lol Central America has been stagnant for a LONG time. Politically they are self destructive. Hispanic are not European anymore. Partially by blood, yes, but they are sovereign nonetheless.

What do you intend to say with “recessive traits”. If you mean “degenerated” from other races, that’s must be why Europe (mostly western) is a center for industry, sciences, political evolution, arts of all types, and humanitarian efforts. In fact, several European countries have produced several of the largest empires in history.

While Africa, on the other hand, can’t maintain a single country for more than a couple decades without a revolution. . . You call Europeans the barbarian mutts of humanity? Fuck that.

East Asians are awesome though. They never stop changing, shifting, building and innovating.

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I would’ve called them a race if I thought they were. I said they were part European but nationality-wise, they aren’t.

What we know as civilization is about to come tumbling down and there’ll be a lot of low vibrational energy around to harness and direct. The sick will die - that includes me. I fear that the slaves shall be from healthy gene pools; safe, secure and compliant on a prison-planet. Such systems can last centuries, at least.


@Uncle-Al I have to agree on that in a conceptual sense. There does need to be a sense of unity in people for nations to rise and remain. Something like National Socialist Germany didn’t develop from mass individualistic behavior. It took unity in ideals and a common effort in progress by strong people. Unity doesn’t inevitably mean conformity through weak mindedness. It takes great strength to stand for a cause in the face of a larger enemy and for people to carry themselves as a collective.

A man like Hitler, for example, who faced many hardships in war and in his political pursuits was able to inspire an entire an entire nation stand and move forward together against a whole world of enemies. People love to say that he was a cowardly, manipulative psycho but if they looked into his earlier life, they would know that he was ANYTHING but a coward. His commended bravery in WW1 and his actions in the NS protests clearly illustrate that. He had an intense sense of duty to his people and a massive hate towards the majority Jewish bolshevik counsel and its regime – publicly exposing its connections to both the atrocities in Eastern Europe and to the monetary support of by the German Communist Party. Because of how things turned out, I couldn’t call him my political role model. But he was definitely a MUCH bigger man than most people who talk shit about him today.


In October of 1928 Hitler got himself his two largest financial donors - numbers one and two on the money list. Both were Jewish bankers who controlled the two largest private banks in Germany. They funded Hitler until at least the 30th of January, 1933.


@Uncle-Al There were undoubtedly Jewish people who supported his political movement. But what confuses me is that in his speeches even on tab right show him claiming that they (Germans) were betrayed by their own people. Who he was referring to were the ones who were maintaining the countries poverty level after the war. Who these people were exactly doesn’t seem clear until his later speeches when he openly speaks against Jews and communists in the same context followed by the events of revolt in Berlin.

There’s actually a book I’d like to read on that called “Hitler’s War” by David Irving. I was looking to buy it before I leave for Air Force basic.

Have a look at Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers. There’s material online. I forget how many full Jewish Generals, Admirals, etc fought for Hitler. Many complained to Headquarters that they were being awarded medals they didn’t feel were warranted, same with Jews in the Soviet military, although Jews in German either accepted their medals or these were awarded posthumously.

Practising Jews in the German military got different food so they didn’t have to eat anything ‘unclean’. Blacks (although there weren’t that many) who fought for Germany lived with whites, while blacks and whites were segregated in the American military. Himmler had very deep, but odd relations with the Japanese.

The Jews controlled and therefore destroyed the German currency, just after the Wall Street crash. This helped Hitler immensely, whilst his two biggest donors continued to be two Jewish bankers.

And if you get the opportunity, Google pre WWII 6 million, then press Images underneath the Google Search-bar. Do the same for pre WWII six million. The 25th of March, 1906 New York Times article actually prints the word ‘solution’ in quotation marks.

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