Victory in competitions:

So I have a Karate competition in around a month’s time and because my goal was always to win a Regional Gold medal, I’ve decided to work with Archangel Samael (to aid me in performing an excellent Kata), King Paimon (to aid me in getting the favors of the judges) and Goddess Nike (to aid me in winning the Gold Medal). Interestingly Nike came on her own to me and when I asked her for a sign, Lightning flashed near my room. I look foward to working with her and promoting her as she’s very underrated. I’m also specifying to face opponents and to avoid injuries. I’m also working with Lady Athena for more graceful Katas and Lord Ares to intimidate my opponents so that they don’t beat me.

In turn I am making offerings to these Deities. These include Public Credit, Mentioning this event when I discuss my journeys with them and some treats. I will post the results here and a big thank you to them in advance❤️🌹.

Now tell me about the time you worked with a Spirit for Victory in a competition. Who did you work with and what was the result? It could be any Sport or Art really.


I have never used a spirit for competition. However, one of the very first successful spells I did was a candle spell from Raymond Buckland’s book on Candle Magick to rid myself of fear. I was stepping into the ring for the first time in a Tarkwondo competition and I was afraid.

It worked like a charm. Instead of fearing my opponent’s strikes, every time I got hit, it just made me mad. I ended up scaring my opponent and chasing him around the ring lol


Man that’s awsome :joy::joy::joy:

How did the judges handle it?

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I actually never thought of influencing the judges as I was a beginner at the time. However, the coach of the other guy kept yelling at him to engage but he just danced around. That is actually against the rules (in WTF Taekwondo you have to engage your opponent) but because he was already ahead in points and it was the last round, they let it slide. I ended up losing the match by a single point, but my coach was flabbergasted at the way I stalked my opponent because my behavior was so different from the way it was in class.


It would have been epic if you landed a head kick in the last minute. Still good Fight!! :muscle:t3:


It’s funny that you mention a head kick, because it was a kick to my face from my opponent that pissed me off and led to him running away from me. He apparently did not like the look I gave him when he did that. :slight_smile:


I’m just imagining the situation now :sweat_smile: poor guy!! Must have been sacred for weeks!

Did you compete in the Forms division too?


Yeah. The forms competition was what I usually competed in. I mostly won (except that one time I was chewing gum. D’oh!) My instructor pushed me to start entering the sparring though, hence the need for the spell.


Sweet! I find forms to be more relaxing but at the same time, the easier division to loose (since even minor errors, cost you).


Yep. I was told by my instructor that I would have won if I hadn’t had the gum in my mouth, which was seen as disrespectful by the judges.


That’s why I avoid snacks at tournaments.


Probably a good idea.

I had tucked the gum into my cheek, but I guess I subconsciously started chewing it while I performed.


Once you’re in the zone, you lose much concentration.

Plus the judges are really strict. I got a warning for stepping on the wrong side of the mat, forgot and did I it again and the judge was pissed off. It’s kinda funny now​:joy::joy::joy: