Victim of love spell?

Hi all, just wanted to get your opinions in regards to possible love spell influence. I’m currently “obsessed” with a man and it’s absolutely driving me crazy. When I first me this man a few years ago I absolutely had no attraction to him. In fact I thought he was quite unattractive. He was absolutely not the type of man I would ever be interested in, physically or intellectually. He would flirt with me but I believed it was totally innocent and thought nothing more of it. We were both married and poles apart in so many ways. About a month after meeting him I started to feel some type of attraction to him. I would think about him in a very sexual way to the point that he was all I was thinking of. At first it didn’t worry me as I thought this was just a passing phase but when it started to impact the way I lived my life and the way I interacted with my loved ones I started to worry. We ended up having a sexual relationship. A very unsatisfactory one on my behalf. I just don’t know why I feel so obsessed with him. He’s not physically attractive, sexy or has a great personality. He is absolutely hopeless in regards to the sex department and actually is very insensitive to me and often puts me down in regards to my perceived shortcomings . Of course, due to my obsession I cast love/lust spells. I know the lust spells certainly worked but not quite sure about the love spells. I just feel that there is this very unhealthy bond between us and although I want it to disappear I don’t want to lose him. I don’t know whether he would cast a spell but he has admitted to masturbating to the thought of me and I believe he has a tendency to have obsessive thought patterns. Do u think he may have cast a spell on me unintentionally? I hate this feeling. I want his love and yet I know I really don’t love him at all. There is something going on. I don’t know whether it is just all in my mind :disappointed:

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I don’t know. I lean towards saying no, because the amount of serious practitioners out there is pretty slim…so odds are this is just the classic case of girl digging the bad boy that treats her poorly


Thank you for your response Verdo. I should perhaps re examine my sense of self worth.


Like @Verdo said. I too belive this to be the well known Bad Boy stranger danger attraction.

How about calling up Hathor? She has a thing about manifesting love. So I’m sure she can also demanifest too.

Or maybe Sekhmet would be a good choice. She is known as a destroyer.

@Lady_Eva, if I remember correctly. You are well versed in these two Goddesses, right?


Maybe. I am firmly convinced we all cast magick upon each other unintentionally at some point. If the guy is obsessed with you in a certain light and has the proper mental state and imagery in his head upon ejaculation (gnosis trigger) then it could happen, IMO. If he is uncircumcised the odds are slightly higher, too.

But also this. Do not discount your subconscious’s ability to cast magick on your self without your conscious mind being aware of it. I think this is a part of why atheistic magick can be effective.

Also, this is a great time for personal introspection, especially of the relationship between you and your actual husband. Never rule out psychology.


Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your feedback Woodsman. I believe your absolutely correct in regards to my subconscious as well as your suggestion to review my relationship with my husband. I do care for him but I would have to admit that I probably don’t love him. However I know there are many marriages that are successful when there is a level of fondness even if it isn’t love. He was definitely the quintessential bad boy but over the years has definitely mellowed and is a good father to our children. I do appreciate your kindness and advice Woodsman.

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If you cast a love / lust spell on him and he was a stubborn person, he might have deflected it back on you, making you several times more obsessive. You might think of revisiting the work you did, mentally, and cancel it in the exact opposite way to how you did the ritual.

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Thank you for the advice Subshane. This is definitely something I have considered. I have petitioned Dantalion in regards to changing my mind/feelings toward this person. Since my petition I have been feeling a lot better. I truly hope this continues.
Thank you to all for your opinion/advice.

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Another thing I’ve discovered is that apart from lust for results, that this kind of work can actually increase your own longing/desire/obsession with that person - so ideally you/I need to channel it into something constructive and allow the deities to just get on with the work.

In my case I have an online tarot card addiction and it’s really stupid because I KNOW that

  1. I didn’t need to do a binding (don’t ask - it was revealed to me - we are already bound) It hasn’t hurt - it’s strengthened things and it was as he - the Beloved was actually egging me on and participating (not there in spirit so to speak - v giggly and excited)
  2. We will get together soon
  3. YES it will happen

So what the hell am I doing questioning all of this? I have no idea.

I think it’s down to personality types - I don’t like surprises or uncertainty, so anything that can give me a definite answer gives me a crutch to grab BUT may cause the outcome to take longer to materialise because it’s perceived as doubting it will happen. I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN, every fibre in my body believes it will happen, the GOETIC GODS are working like crazy to help me and I’m acting like an ass hat (I learned that expression recently and think it’s appropriate).

Not sure if any of what I’ve written applies to you but if it does then we both have to stop this nonsense and let the great Goetic Gods get on with their work and just thank them in whatever way possible. Please refer me back to this whenever I am acting weird - thank you.


I loled at this,

“Re-examine you sense of self worth”, a bit extreme no?

I would say something is a foot, the energy definately came from some where, maybe someone else sent the energy.
But that obsession that creeps into you is fucking nightmare, I know.

You could ask Buer for healing, to help undo any mental shit.
But ye the jacking off to people can send the energy to them, sounds to me like more then that though.
A denser energy, maybe love/lust spell you done on someone got sent back to you, this would explain it, so cancel anything you done before and see if this loosens the obsession and pay attention to your mind.

Anyways just a thought and good luck!

Thank you for your suggestion Solomon Thoth. I do believe that there is an energy that has affected me, whether it was directed to me from someone else or I have actually done it to myself. I’ve been using lust spells, which have been successful in the past, on this particular person. I have had a similar experience as Alegroangel however in the sense that it also seems to affect other people that I come in contact with. Peole that I am not interested in. Some might call me attractive but I am certainly no head turner that’s for sure. At times it does make me feel a little awkward because I’m pretty much an introvert and don’t like a lot of attention. So don’t you think the energy has affected my aura and that’s why it is affecting people that I cone in contact with? Like i said, I’m no hotty :grin:


Hope you don’t mind my asking but which lust spells have you used which work? It’s always useful to know what works and what doesn’t for women even if the outcome may need a bit of tailoring. Thanks in advance.

Hi MermesHorse
I have utilised the Gallery of Magick book, Magickal Seduction (ritual 1). I have utilised it a few times and have always had success and often really quick. Ritual one is to cause lust and attraction in a specific person and ritual 3 is to create a general aura of lust. Seems that in my case my results were a combination of ritual 1 and 3.
I have also utilised Sitri to great success. I can’t praise him enough. I generally just meditate on his signal and put in my request. I am very generous with my gifts , which are usually abstaining from a favourite activity or food etc for a considerable period of time.
The Gallery of Magick ritual does not require you to provide any gifts for service. They appear to utilise the services of a few jinn.


Thank you for that - I have that book, I will give it a go in the new year. Thanks again


I do believe there was a spell on you or maybe a negative energy trying to break your marriage. Same thing happend to me. Then I learned that a somebody casted a spell on me to destroy my family. It almost did.

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