Since the night I was visited by Furfur I’ve been feeling low subtle vibrations every time I sit on my bed or lay down on my bed any one know why?

You’ve been working with Furfur for years or at least many months I thought… has this been going on all that time or is it new?

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I can feel them only when I’m not moving it always been a weird thing to me but uh my bed is a zone I’ve never felt them til now I haven’t called him or anything so it’s why I was asking

My feeling is this could be an escalation of your skills in discerning the subtle.

I pulled a card to check and got the Ace of Pentacles
“Perfection, attainment, goals achieved, wealth, riches, treasures, bliss, ecstasy - the combination of material and spiritual prosperity.”

Looks pretty nice! I think I’d get on to Furfur and celebrate :smiley:

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Oh wow ok so nothing to worry about then so am I the only one to feel these things or does everyone feel them? It’s weird to think I’d be the only one

I guess it depends the cause of the vibrations.
Off the top of my head, I might look into geomantic causes, like, whether you’re on a leyline, near high power lines, have an underground river or subway train line under you, if there’s big portals or vortexes near your home, that sort of thing.

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Idk about portals or vortexes by none of those other things are near me

Hmn, not sure then. You could douse for vortexes and portals, but tbh those are less likely imo.

We know it’s something you’ve been sensing for a while, and it’s either increased in intensity, or, I think, your sensitivity has increased. It’s it’s not environmental, then it could be something in your inner landscape manifesting from astral to physical.

Can you do journeying to investigate your near astral and look for sources? Does Furfur have any ideas?

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He said it’s like I’ve asended or progressed…I still astrally can’t step out of my body but he was shocked to see me awake when he came that night he to me was here physically but he wasn’t… So it may have to do with that