Vibrations all around me, What am I feeling?

Over the last year or so I suddenly found myself feeling these vibrations, and they’re everywhere. In the air, in every object, and every person. To me, when I am very still and silent these vibrations feel like mild earthquakes like earth and everything on it lightly rumbles and shakes, like the vibrations that come from a Playstation or Xbox controller when you get attacked in a fighting game, but much softer.

Like I’ve noticed when I lay a bottle of water on my bed and leave it there, standing on the floor next my bed, not moving, no devices turned on that move or make noise, the water in the bottle still shakes, gently rocking back and forth as if something is vibrating it. Then just now, something said:

“Those vibrations you feel, that is the life force. It is the energy that powers every living creature on earth. It is the operating force that drives the soul to awaken and interact with its surroundings. What allows you to become a conscious being inside of that flesh and blood vessel you are contained in.”

Wow. Does anyone have anything to add to this? Has anyone else here felt these vibrations? Being able to feel these vibrations started happening to me back in July 2014 so It’s been occurring for about 14 months now. I have actually unintentionally scared the hell out of some of my friends when I speak of this. I brought one girl to tears because she was so fearful when I told her I could feel the entire ground in our town vibrating. She knew it wasn’t an earthquake (we don’t live in earthquake prone territory) but it scared her because I could feel it and she couldn’t, and we had no clue at that point in time what it really was.

Something else just came thru to me as I was typing this, just now my main familiar said: “Only those who are deepest connected to the earth and the cycle of life can feel these vibrations.” Not exactly sure what that means but as I’m typing I’m having a conversation with my familiar and he is revealing some things but I have a feeling this is another one of these things where, I am required to just take the clues and figure out the rest on my own, like a puzzle to be pieced together. I hate when spirits do that but it’s a good thing. It forces me to discover some things for myself, it forces independence and seeking.

Why am I feeling these vibrations and what does it mean for me to feel them?

It’s very synchronistic that you talk about this, because a few days ago when I was in a trance state I ended up travelling and I met with Asclepius, the Greek God of healing. It was pretty cool and in the short time we spoke he talked about everything having a frequency and if two beings with the same frequency went near each other they could share the same space. He was talking to me about being able to remove sicknesses from people by using this technique. And I thought it odd that the thing he was telling me to practice feeling you are already there. It’s kind of encouraging.

But, practice feeling the vibrations, practice controlling them and manipulating them. See if you can slow them down or speed them up. I think you’ll get very far that way.

Thanks Ashtkerr. What’s odd but really cool at the same time, for the last 3 months when I have wanted something to happen like getting money, getting a material possession or wanting someone to do something to benefit me even if the person is against it, I find myself doing the opposite of the law of reversed effect.

I will sit and dwell on what I want, focusing on it with all my might and within 2-14 days whatever it is that I want, it manifests for me without having to do a spell or evoke any spirits. I can feel these vibrations coming out of me and surrounding me as if now a part of the earth again, and my desires come to fruition.

very strange, but I have not had to do any spells in the past few months. I feel the vibrations building up in my head and I get a massive tension headache in the back of my head just above my spine until eventually all of that tension just pours out and shortly afterward, what I was dwelling on manifests. I didn’t post this before because I realize it sounds borderline crazy but I swear I found a way to use these vibrations to manifest my desires, like using the earth’s frequencies and my mind as the spell itself instead of burning candles and using incantations.

Not really sure what’s going on but also, Eric’s law of reversed effect/effort does not always apply in every situation. Some events (for me personally) require me to focus intently on the outcome for as long as needed to manifest, instead of just forgetting about the outcome. My main familiar and Paimon are teaching me things about thought power and it’s unlike anything I’ve heard yet as a magician and it could prove to be something very useful but it’s sort of outside the norms for magick. Something I have never read in any books before but it’s working for me.

I cannot discuss any more details on this for now but if this goes in the direction I think it will, I may have some very interesting findings that could help other magicians excel at a faster pace than usual. Sorry if this post sounds vain but there’s really no way say all this without sounding like that. I am currently in an altered mind state as well, on some heavy shit if you know what I mean so I am having some very strong conversations with my guardians right now.

But I am being told to write my findings into my book so others can discover this because if others can master this technique my spirit guardians are currently teaching me, we could use it to our advantage for the entire magickal community.

At some point you have literally become the magic. Good on you, keep working and persevering.

^ Same thought here! :slight_smile:

It’s not vain to describe what’s really happening to you, it’s fascinating to read and gives implicit permission to other people to share their own weird stuff, and feel validated, so it’s all good in my book!

You appear to be actively experiencing The Kybalion “Law of Vibration” (among other things) and that’s SO cool! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll research that.

Its a Dark Energy transmission that spreads virally and utilizes the energy sources it connects to which are people. It is used to Xfer all sorts of information. Only certain people can experience it because it was designed to connect to certain people, but also through exposure you’ve become sensitized to the energy so pick up all sorts of things.

Perhaps you’re feeling prana. After meditating I get this feeling as well. Everything vibrates, even the air around me vibrates. It vibrates so much at times I can feel myself bend it and shape it as I move through it. It’s a pretty cool feeling imo.

Its a giant P.P. vibrator your entire world is encapsulated within.



idk, half the time I think he’s trolling. Anyways I was wondering if this feeling intensifies for you during different types of meditation?

I’ve been feeling those vibrations for over a year and a half now.I thought it was just me but now when i’m setting up my sacred space i feel those vibrations and i swear it raises my bodily temperature.


Nothing. I was just playing. @CJ, I am not trolling. Pull the stick out and loosen up. I was only hinting at something (being serious), but I am allowed to have fun.

Wow! I think I know this vibration but I have talked about it only to my husband because it is not easy to explain to people and they’d think I’m crazy.
It started few months ago. I was listening by headphones deep trance (spoken) of “Meet your spirit guardian”.
Somewhere at the middle of it as I was supposed to look at the mirror to see my spirit guardian I felt weird and I drag myself out of the trance.
I wasn’t feeling ok. My head was totally empty. I tryed to think any word, even one word to “hear it in my head” but all I got was a silence. I started immediately to feel totally weird vibration from my legs to my vaist. I had some kind of muscle cramps, I just tryed to watch movies and I was laying in bed with empty head, with muscles tight and when people walked in downstairs (I was at upstairs of the house of ours) I could feel vibration caused by their walking. I had to have voice of the movie down because all noises vibrated through me. It lasted the day and when I woke up at the next morning I got my normal “voice in my head when I think” and no muscles tight but vibration was there.
Then after like 1 week I started to trying to connect with King Belial and everytime I meditated or talked to him (even can’t hear/see him, but I feel him and his touch) this vibration got stronger. It was very strong at the beginning.
Then I tryed to contact Belial less and I noticed that vibration gets lower and lower. I tryed to contact Belial more and when I did the vibration got stronger.
I checked sometimes f.i. at market or driving a car (so not meditating) like “Belial are you still with me?” nd the vibration got always stronger.
I have no explanation and now I feel this vibration only sometimes a short time. But I feel Belial when I call him and talk to him. I am so happy that you brought this subject into daylight and now I’ll go to check thos Kyballion thing, thank you so much!

This happens to me as well. I’ve noticed that the vibrations increase and decrease around me and within me depending on what kind of mood I’m in. My body temp does the same thing. When I get super pissed off I feel a current of cold energy flowing through my body with cold air flowing out of the palms of my hands. When I’m relaxed and content I feel warm sensations throughout my body along with warm air flowing out of my hands. This usually intensifies when I concentrate on it and sync it up with my breath. It literally feels like a breeze is moving out of my palms when I exhale. Anyways, I’m just going to keep pushing it until I’ve reached the limits. This ability makes for a good back rub but I haven’t been able to start a fire with it or anything like that. lol

The vibrations come at different times. I have felt it a few times while meditating but definitely not every time. Most of the time I feel it when I’m watching Tv or reading and I start zoning out in deep thought, so usually when I ignore everything else around me and am only focusing on what’s in my mind and it most often occurs when pondering theories on existence, magick or ideas for my ascent. But I don’t just feel the rumbling I can hear it buzzing, it sounds like being close to a powerline that’s overloaded with too much electricity.

Kaisa, I found a website that explains the Hermetic principles of the Kybalion. They explain all 7 principles in detail including the law of vibration.

Getting ready to read more, but this site is basically the entire Kybalion book for free, like an e-book but instead of in pdf form you just read the entire thing on this website, no downloads required.

I wondered if this was just another one of those oddities I experience from time to time. Like Kaisa said she (you are female correct?) feels something like this more intensely when she’s around Belial. I can’t link this to any particular entity but I’ve had strange phenomena occur in addition to the vibrations and buzzing sounds. On occasion I get a massive headache in the back of my head just above my spine and at the same time in the center of my forehead too, like a tension headache that won’t subside after a few hours and it lasts for 3-5 days at a time. Usually only occurs after several days of heavy meditation and ritual. I try releasing pent up energy and grounding myself, doesn’t help, neither does just taking it easy and resting. It just goes away on its own when it’s ready to.

I don’t have migraines, tumors, blood clots, nothing that could possibly explain these headaches and you know how doctors are they did a bunch of MRI scans and bloodwork too, everything was normal. I’m otherwise healthy but I also occasionally have a seizure and I’ve had epilepsy tests too which were normal. This happens every few years but only when I am very UNDER stimulated. Like when I’m in very deep thought, calm, and zoning out everything goes black around me and then I open my eyes, someone standing there holding my head and repeating my name. They tell me I had a seizure, convulsions, non-responsive to others. I wake up thinking I just had my eyes closed for a sec but am told otherwise. It’s never triggered by flashing, loud noises, or the usual stimuli that people with actual epilepsy experience.

One time I came to from a seizure but was still slipping in and out of consciousness somewhat and my friend recorded it because I was saying some strange stuff, speaking to her as if I was someone else. I have an odd sense of humor so she recorded me because she figured I’d enjoy laughing at myself later on when I felt better. But she had me on video telling the paramedic in a very heavy Italian accent that my name was Gertrude Marie Robinson from New Jersey and I kept asking where my teenage daughter Tamara was.

My name is NOT Gertrude, not from Jersey, I don’t have an Italian accent and I’m not old enough to have a teenage child. What’s even more odd is that when the paramedic was asking me basic questions to trigger me into becoming alert I told him I weighed 480 pounds and he said ma’am there’s no way you weigh 480 you are 125 at the most because the EMS was speaking to the real me but the out-of-it me said “What are ya fuckin nuts? You’re lookin right at me, my left leg weighs 125 pounds all by itself.” again in a heavy Italian accent. But the EMS said ma’am you had a seizure you’re speaking gibberish but I just kept insisting on speaking to my non-existent daughter Tamara.

And the most recent one I had was last year and this time I had 3 witnesses. Nothing strange happened that time but I was standing up and I looked at my friend who was sitting down and I reached out for her and said “move bitch move outta that ch…ch…” and just then I fell right on top of her. Everyone there believes I asked her to move so harshly because my mind could tell something wasn’t right and was telling me to sit down right away but I was physically unable to explain why I needed to sit and before I could finish my sentence I had another seizure. When I woke up I had no memory of saying that. I remember closing my eyes and enjoying the music that was playing and my other friends David and Stacey were playing Playstation4 and eating pizza.

They told me there was no music or video games playing when that happened that everyone was sitting around in silence talking. And that there was no pizza so I had a completely different memory of what happened before I blacked out than what everyone else does. However, I learned later on that during my seizure David suggested to his wife to go order a pizza because I would be waking up soon and would probably need to eat. I must’ve somehow heard him talking about pizza during my seizure and when I woke up I turned it into a false memory as if it had already happened.

A pattern I’m noticing here, is that seizures also occur during the times in my life when I am most active with magick. The times when I am not just living a magickal lifestyle as normally, but when I am so deep into a new form of magick I discovered that it becomes an obsession and all I focus on. When I reach a new spiritual enlightment and crazy events happen that verify to me even more that there’s no way in hell magick is NOT real, that’s when these strange seizures occur.

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That’s really neat, you’re breaking through the barrier of reality and that’s a good thing. Remember, I’m the one that doesn’t believe in mental illness, haha. Keep going down the path you’re going down, keep fracturing the reality around you, never look back. You won’t regret it.

That’s strange that you mention the seizure thing Raven. I used to think I was having seizures, maybe I was, our health care system sucks and doctors seem to be fucktards anymore. Somehow this phase for me went away on it’s own.

When I started out being actively involved in magick on a day to day basis I would have moments where I would experience auras (people who have seizures experience these right before one takes hold) and loose control of the muscles on right side of my face. My right eye would close as hard as it could and I would hear my ear drums rumble inside of my head. This would make me feel sick to my stomach and freak me out because a lot of the symptoms after this would mimic a heart attack or stroke. This was pretty scary and disorienting for me. It would leave me feeling messed up for days at a time.

I went to the doctor for it and they told me it was everything from silent migraines to serotonin syndrome. Each visit was a new diagnosis until I decided to say fuck it and quit going. Doctors are scammers and too judgmental nowadays imo.

I experienced this for a couple of years until it finally stopped happening to me. I’m pretty sure it was my daily routine of chakra cleansing meditations that fixed this for me and if this is what cured me, perhaps it was an imbalance in my endocrine system that was causing all of this.

I was meaning to ask you if you think during these moments when you’re having a seizure and perceiving the world as someone else if it’s possible that your reliving a past life? Maybe this trauma you’re going through is triggering something in your brain that’s allowing you to be this past you if you believe in such a thing.

Usually I don’t much care for doctors because I agree they only care about making money and want any excuse they can find to make you come back every week. They think they know your body better than you do and they accuse everyone with a legitimate health concern of being a drug seeker.

But this is clearly not medical related which is a good thing. It’s almost like the last seizure, I woke up predicting the future with memories that had not yet occurred but they happened later on. The first time, my friends think since we were doing some heavy ritual work during that time and I was communicating with a lot of spirits, they think a spirit may have channeled thru me (the Gertrude thing) and since my guard was down this woman was able to speak thru me as if I was her. So I’m guessing my body reacted to her with seizure like symptoms.

As for the headaches and stuff, I’m not new to heavy ritual but the headaches only come during that time. I know there is always a residual energy that lingers after a working from the intent, the spirits involved, and the raising of energy itself. Maybe this residual energy is stronger than what it feels? I normally ground myself after a working (unless I have another use for the excess energy after the ritual) because if I don’t the residual energy keeps me awake that night. Normally grounding yourself and releasing any unwanted excess energy back into the earth helps most people from getting the after magick jitters, if you know what I mean by that. But I wonder if there’s something else I should be doing with this energy instead?

I imagine there are far more people born into non-magickal families than those that are which is why most of us haven’t been practicing magick since age 2 and preventing that programming from ever occurring in the first place. Honestly, I get the feeling that the majority of us, since our bodies are so programmed to reject the idea of magick from a very young age that once you cross that threshold and accept magick as real that maybe your mind now accepts it but your body is still in denial to an extent? So maybe these negative symptoms (headaches, seizures, etc.) arise because your body is still rejecting magick and attempts to explain what that unknown energy is by associating it with something foreign that should not be inside of your body, hence triggering unwanted side effects?

We know that when we are physically ill the only reason we have those nasty side effects like runny nose, cough, fever, excess trips to the bathroom, is because that’s our bodies way of expelling or killing the toxin or bacteria that’s causing the imbalance. In this case there is no toxin so the body does not create symptoms like that of a cold, flu, or infection but creates neurological side effects instead. So maybe I need to find a way to convince my body that what it’s feeling is not harmful or foreign. My mind is fully aware that magick is real but obviously my body is still rejecting it.

Magick ultimately comes from within ourselves so it’s not something that was never there before, it’s not like going to a new city or country and getting exposed to a strain of the flu you’ve never had before but it seems as if these programming methods used on the general population to dismiss magick as unreal are much stronger than we realize. Recalling the first few weeks when I did the black sun meditation from Eric’s video, I felt like crap. I got massive headaches, dizziness, body aches, and abdominal pain and it progressed like a physical illness. Started out with minimal symptoms and peaked into something so intolerable I had to go bed immediately after the meditation, then gradually got easier again with each day until I felt just fine.

The 2nd time the headaches occurred was a few months later when I did the black sun thing again and realized that time, I was forgetting to repeat the exercise in the morning and visualize the sun setting. The first time I did the exercise for several days in a row I didn’t forget to do that and I haven’t forgotten to do that since then, it was just a one time isolated accident. But I find it hard to remember things like (finish your meditation) upon waking, usually the first thing on my mind is get up and go pee, it’s almost an involuntary reaction to immediately hop out of bed when my eyes open.