Vibration atagonizers

Hi i wanted to discuss environmental antagonists of vibration.

By this i mean things you notice in the environment that correlate to your vibration

I remember around the super moon when i meditated i would vibrate so damn hard that even afterwards i would hear my voice vibrating and everything else did too.

Recently i was wondering “wtf is my vibration so subtle tonight” then went outside and noticed the moon was literally a splinter, not even a cresent. So i concluded it was the moon cycle.

Anyone notice any othwr things in day to day life that has an immdeiate notable effect on your vibration?


Full moons make me feel predatory in a playful way and full of energy. When Im near combinations of wind mixed with “natural” water flow like beaches, rivers/streams, waterfalls, etc. I vibrate high and become overwhelmed with a sense of clarity and focus I get visions. In spring and summer forest environments fill me with extreme happiness, serenity and love. I can feel a warm calm vibration all over and inside me coming from the trees, plants and the earth/dirt. Holy crap my curiosity of life takes over to the point I have to get dragged away or I’ll get lost in the energy vibes lol.

Im big on viking shouts of power. I noticed a long time ago (12-13 years old) if you shout from your core and focused the emotional energy in you the world responds back if the intent is clear enough enhancing the environments natural vibrations or changing them. I would do that in places that had chaotic/negative energy to say “Im boss back the fuck off!” It helped clear spaces/areas out of that energy so I could feel what was really there. My mother n law couldn’t get her plants to grow and thought I was fuckin nuts viking screaming at her tomatoes. 3-5 days later flowers bloomed and they started growing tomatoes. I’d have my sons whisper and pet her flower plants to change the environmental energy around them. She never questioned it again lol.

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That shouting thing i found too! Just screaming with emotion raises your vibration so much.

Makes me wonder if music is natural due to something more than it sounding nice. I wonder if music carries a signature of some sort that incites the emotion of the artist in the listener


Oh boy it does on sooo many levels Ive made my music teacher in high school cry a few times. Playing guitar and piano was one of the only ways I could emotionally speak to people. I could make anyone who listened to me play feel what I was feeling when I couldn’t express myself without blowing up. When my wife was pregnant with my first son he would kick her ass from the inside out making her puke and cry. The moment I played from the heart for her you could feel him snoring in her stomach. It was one of the only ways to get him to sleep as a baby. Music is magic in my eyes look at all the fuckin drones at a hip hop or boy band concert.

Im a fighter at my core its my way of judging character and will of people but I hate hurting people unintentionally and I’d walk away if possible every time. But the moment I felt like a rat in a cage or my life was on the line I’d belt out a shout so fierce and hardcore with the intent of death and a look on my face to match and it was a done deal you were not getting away from me until I made you submit totally. Once that shout came out everyone would would start backing up saying " oh fuck your screwed run." Ive chased people towns over ove foot lol.

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music is frequency. It likely is the creation of the artist so resonates with the tones.The water-based nature of the human form likely just translates that “message”.