Vibrating Book?


I was sitting in the hospital the other day re-reading The Book of Azazel, and I went off to a private place in the hospital and used the sigil of Kiltan. After this I returned to the room feeling very drowsy. I say back in my chair with my legs to my chest (trying to sleep, honestly) and the book lying on my stomach. The weird thing is that when the book was slipping, I felt it vibrating with more intensity than a phone ringing while set to vibrate. I tried to make it happen again to see if it was texture to texture or whatever else it might have been but no luck. I was wondering if this was anything unusual or if anyone had any idea as to what this might have been or any idea in general.

Another thing though, I called on Glas’yos and Kiltan, at different times of course, and they both said the same thing when I was done. It sounded different from each, but I picked it up as generally the same thing. It felt as if they both told me “Sleep and it will be done.” Again, any ideas on this? I know my divination skills…suck…but I know what they said on this. Again any ideas on this would help. Thank you.


They mean relax, release your attachment, conk off and let them work. I’ve gotten similar advice. Use a full eight hours to get yourself out of the way.