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In Draconian Ritual Book, it says that a way to open the subconscious mind to the spirits is by creating an atmosphere of fear and agitation. Any thoughts?

Certainly an effective way to do things

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I would have to read the passage in question to see the context used in the book but I personal value taking ownership of fear.

Think about this. Your laying in bed, super tired. Your in a shady neighborhood. As you lay there in the dark, total blacked out darkness, you hear a noise like a slight jiggling of a door handle, perhaps a single creaking of the hardwood floor board. You freeze.

You think to yourself. Did I lock the back door? I always lock the door? But did I? An OCD type internal dialogue begins, which you dismiss but raise your head and expand your mind…listening as deeply as you can. You hear nothing but your pounding heart. Your breath.

You slowly set up, moving an inch a minute to make zero noise. You keep reaching your mind into the darkness. Your senses or so heightened that you could hear a needle drop at the house next door. Your body is flooding with adrenaline, preparing for what may come next.

Yes, there is immense value in visualizing a similar scenario, preferable from personal experience. Learn to cultivate and weaponize that vast increase in awareness. Fear can be a gateway to great power.

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