Via Nocturna-An easy (but dangerous) way to enhance your powers

I wanted to share something that so far I haven’t encountered anyone speaking about (that I know).
It is the Via Nocturna.

It is a broad term for practices and tools that some magicians (like myself) use to achieve certain states of mind,ungrounding, energy rising, achieving trance states, opening the gates to Hell (inner and outer), communing with darkness as well as getting closer to our Shadow form.

Done in certain ways, it can allow us to quickly-within a few minutes- (and with very few tools) achieve a higher state of mind, ungrounding us as well as letting us connect to primal raw untamed forces (within us and outside). As they say, as Above so Below.

Via Nocturna can be extreme or mild, and the grade of the technique is not directly proportional to results. It could be staying in a dangerous area of your city, unarmed. It can be walking alone in a forest overnight, without any type of supplies. It can be having some temperature due to a cold, or suffering pain from a wound. It can also be playing horror games that provoke us a raised heart rate. Basically anything attached to agitation, fear, anxiety and/or stress and that is outside of control.

In my opinion, approaching this technique trying to be cold blooded is detrimental, now that the lack of control, the Chaos is what is bringing all the benefits in here.

For safety reasons, I recommend to stick to safe indoor/outdoor techniques.
In doing that, we are performing this technique without emotional attachments, previous trauma or psychological associations (if we associate a forest with having been lost and broken something in the past, we could en up reviving this situation and enhancing psychological trauma, which will not help in our magical practice) but each one to its own.

I need to give a small precaution. As with some LHP practices, this technique can be dangerous to the human psyche, worsen some psychiatric diseases, enhance suicidal states, delusional states or make you revive past trauma, so use on your own peril.

The following technique is an example that done prior to a ritual can enhance your energy, ungrounding and powering you up efficiently, with the benefit of being a short cut for some Qliphothic, Chtonic, Chaotic and Primal workings. You just need 2-10 minutes.

I have my own technique and ways to perform my own vision of the Via Nocturna. Sometimes I modify them according to the ritual I am gonna do and the aims I have.

I mainly use it as a way to connect to the Dragon, the raw primal forces of the world.

Example/Basic Technique (that I normally use):

Listen to the music (horror dark ambient music like this piece work very well).

Close your eyes. You can use painful stimuli (if you cut yourself a bit, it helps- It doesn’t need to be deep, just to hurt you. It could even be pressing the skin with a pen deeply-).

Imagine yourself being blindfolded, tied, and with a knife going through all your body.

You can visualize, taste, smell, ear and “see” how Pain is, astrally, both in your body and within the air you breathe, burning you as you breathe.

It sounds masochistic, but here the emphasis of this technique (and hence why I believe it is super powerful by itself) is about the lack of judgement about the pain. We are not attaching it to emotions, situations or trauma. We just awake inner survival mechanisms. As above so below. The current of primal forces open themselves for us to explore.

There is also the endocrine factors, like the changes in cortisol and the links related to some magical theories that some people like to work with, so this broad term for the use of these techniques can be of a lot of use for different practices.

I hope you like it, you use it, create your own, and let me know how it went.

Dark wishes.


I tried this, and in about 5 minutes was ungrounded much more than I usually can attain without outside assistance. Incredibly effective.

I’m adding this to my list of things to explore in depth when I have the opportunity for it.


Never knew this technique had a name.
It is something i and many others tend to do naturally.
When summoning Azazel, he most of the time brings this trance upon me or he takes me to trance 'trips’so to speak with this.

Good to know
Thanks for this!


Interesting I’ll try it. Might pair well with my shadow work.


Shugara is a deity who probably unleashes this kind of state too


Indeed. Flagellation is well known among some practitioners, as well as initiatory practices that involve leaving people in lost graveyards overnight.
It is an umbrella term for a lot of techniques with a common ground.


What else would you suggest using this for?


@itsnathanm7 Even though I mentioned it as a nice prepping for ritual work, it can do wonders when used to contact/evoke an entity who resonates with these concepts (pain, fear, anxiety, agitation), like some people do with a scrying mirror, but just using this technique alone.

When lack of material resources happen, one needs to get creative sometimes!
Also it can be done daily to enhance our tolerance to dark currents, work with necromancy and death currents, which have got a high component of primal forces and instincts of survival (even people who commit suicide try to reverse it on their last seconds without the use of reason, like people who jump and try to grab to something to avoid the fall just seconds after).
Any demonic work can work with these techniques.

You could create a specific path working through Via nocturna to connect to an entity on a daily manner for a specific time, so that you communicate on a raw, more natural and straight form with the entity.
Ah! I forgot to mention the uses in vampyrism and blood magic.

Be creative.


Imo it goes hand in hand with lycanthropic transformation, at least the nature of it.


In that case it will definitely see use with me.


@itsnathanm7 Being able to understand states of agitation that normally have place when we are being predated can make us understand and analyse our own energy and identify energetic weak points that could be of use when predating other people.

Also there is the benefit of trance, which enhances concentration within magical practice, and all the aforementioned.


To share a humble expierience.

As i mentioned above, Azazel used to put me in these situations and made me do things that induced this trance.
At one night he wanted me to go to the park at midnight in the winter to do an offer.
i went, after some wandering i carved his sigil in the ground, offerd him blood on it and chanted his enn etc.
somehow i couldnt leave.
There is a big lake down there and i walked, slowly around there(knowing i was almost raped twice on that spot as a man) just to enjoy the chaotic primordial survival mechanism.
Afterwards i had a feeling which i cannot discribe.
i 've never felt so peaceful before… he wanted me to show that feeling.
Pure numinousity… incredible… it was so peaceful


Yup. Understanding ourselves makes us understand the outside, as it were. Before you can trap someone else you have to look at how you’ve been trapped. I agree.


That was a clear use of Via Nocturna. Well done.


There are more complex uses within vampyrism, but one needs to explore by oneself to discover them.


Im familiar with the practice of vampirism but It’s a side of me I want to develop more.


If i’d only knew before that this technique had an actual name… oh well i do now xD

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Im in the perfect city for this
Its one of the most Dangerous cities in Texas

Its Via Nocturna 24/7 here, but I suppose i grew accustomed to the danger. Imma work with this and use this to break up Stagnation


I usually hold my hand over the candle a few seconds with evocation to get the energy flowing.


Funny I came across this just now. Earlier today had dental work done -FUCK DENTISTS- and realised Getting into trance and visualizing in pain is a breeze its just dealing with the pain that’s the issue. It brought me back to the abuse as a kid falling into trance to escape and it clicked: give to get aka give into the situation to get the situation I need to survive…at least that’s how it felt growing up and I forgot that. Basically, truely getting lost in the moment and letting control go in order to be one with whatever you’re doing and embrace the totality of it…:thinking: