Hi there, I’m new to this forum and quite new to this LHP working.

Do any of you believe that your past life can come back to this current present life to show you a glimpse of your past life? Cause I did, I was given a glimpse of what I was before and I was a vessel for all forms of demonic possession.

And I would like to achieve that all over again. Is there a way to go about on this? Countless times, I say infront of my altar, giving myself to them. But nothing happens. I’m just alittle disappointed in myself.

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Yes yes, thank you. I must have missed that!

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As to your question, I would find out the name of one of the demons that possessed you in your former life and ask them to do it again. With a name, you can find their seal and initiate proper contact.

One thing to keep in mind is that the demon must agree to possess you, and simply “giving yourself” to them in front of your altar isn’t going to accomplish anything if they don’t want to possess you. Also, it could leave you open to other, less savory beings like parasites.

I was a vessel to many demons in my past life, and whoever that I am working with as of now, were also in my past life.

Like i said, you need to find a name, and open communication. One name can help you find others that are willing. Meditate or use a pendulum, but find one name. The rest will come after that.

Another thing to think about, is that the possession in your past life might have been necessary for your spiritual Ascension back then, but may not be needed now. Once you make contact with whatever demon, talk to them about it. Sometimes, we may think we need something when we really don’t.

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I kinda know who I worked with in the past.

Now, I’m Tryna slowly work with all of them slowly by slowly.

I believe they know the reason why I want to be a vessel and that’s why they don’t want a possession for me.

But I hope perseverance will lead to success one day!

Ah. Okay.

One thing is, they most likely do know why you want to be a “vessel” again, and I don’t think constantly asking them to do it again will change their minds if they don’t agree. Demons are Eternal and know us better than we know ourselves. It is doubtful even the most stubborn perseverance will change their minds once it is made up, but you never know. Some demons, like Belial, will let us burn just to tell us, “I told you so.”

Good luck!

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Yes yes.

I’ve been so burned by Belial, yet my love for him is eternal too. Lol.