Vessel of a Great Spirit

Hello guys, nice to meet you, I’m new here and I have a question. What does it mean to be destined to be a receptacle of
a great spirit?can you fight it??thanks for the answers!

Sounds like you got mixed up in some religion, and they tried to tell you in thier way that you’re a living god :slight_smile:

Depending where you heard or were told that, it could mean absolutely nothing. In order to better answer that, we’re probably going to need more details.

  1. Is it yourself you’re referring to as being some sort of vessel, or are you asking on behalf of someone else?

  2. Who told you this, and under what circumstances?

  3. What is the nature of this person? I.E. are they a magickal practitioner, a spiritual entity, a tarot deck?

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I agree with Malik, but theoretically if this was legitimate big if then it basically means in some way shape or form you (and most likely others) have a connection to an entity or energy in a way that you have a possible easier way of bringing it into yourself.