Very weird occurrences

I have been having these weird experiences for a couple of years. It’s not a consistent thing in my life but it does happen multiple times a year for 3 years. I do not argue very much with others and I’m a very joyful & carefree person. But for the past three years, I have had some arguments and some falling out with friends. Each time I would have an argument where me and the other person take a break from talking or I get extremely angry, a animal dies and I always find out about it. It’s even happened a few times in front of me where me and the person make up and we’re in the car and they run over an animal. Or when the person calls me and tells me “You’ll never guess what happened today.” It’s always after a fight, and I usually don’t fight. It seems to be more than a coincidence. I’m not sure what to look up or research. I cleanse myself a lot. I’m just very confused and would like some insight. It distresses me a lot.

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Do you think the animals are dying because of your anger, or do you think your anger might be because the animals are dying?

I don’t think they’re dying because I’m mad. It feels almost like bad luck. I’m not really sure.

I wonder of both you and the animal are reacting to the same negative energy in the areas.

Companion animals especially are said to firld and absorb negative energies for us and can be more affected than we are.

Can you try a divination to point you at least is s direction to identify what is coming around and off it’s the same thing in each case?