Very stupid question

was Solomon a real person… we have seals of Solomon who is but was he a real human


He is a biblical personage and thus may have onced lived, yes, but it’s hard to tell with that book.


honestly i cant tell what part of that book has truth in it i know it has Egyptian and Greek etc in it but what part of the book is true (ish)

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Yes. I took on a quest 3 days ago to find out about those I’ve read about and their rank, i.e if they are low or high Spirits after death.

I found out Solomon is real. He was once existed in this plane, things written about him are true. Though not all about him was written down. And he is a high Spirit too. Though he was great on earth as books said about him but he fell during his days. But that didn’t demote him spiritually. He is in a good place.

I asked about Orunmila, Ifa, Oshun, Shango, Ogun, Moremi…those well known in Nigeria here. Some are gods.

The answers I got about some of them still shock me till this very moment. I saw some are in pain, suffering, from one punishment to another. I couldn’t believe it. Because the way they preach them here ahh you’d thought they perfection. But I found out many are even in lower planets than some demons are.

I searched out Muhammad too. Though I know about him as a false prophet before. He called and titled himself a prophet. He was never one. So I saw in a low and dirty state too. Too bad. Is this whom Muslims praise here and there, saying the greatest of all Prophets? They even said angels bow to him. And that he do sit at the right hand of God. I was just laughing…so this is it?

I communicated with Ifa and Orunmila. They are higher beings, in high places. They would be seen as angels if summoned. Their energies too.
This I expected to be low and crap…but it turns out to be opposite.

If you wanna do this yourself, find the answers by yourself…then I’m here. You’d be surprised by what you will hear and see.

And oh yes, I asked about Jesus too. Thoughtform I’ve heard people call him. His plane I can’t reach, I kept falling back into my body. He is still the highest of all.

It was so interesting.


thank you


Yes and no. Solomon the monarch over ancient Israel is real as far as archeology suggests. But he was not as popular or powerful as the Bible claims. The reach of his kingdom is certainly exergerated. The Solomon of grimoires is most likely a pseudonym to give authority to the text (common practice back in the day). But regardless, I’ve worked with a lot of sigils from the Ars Goetia and they work just fine. Whoever received and recorded them did it efficiently. So the bottom line is that like Jesus it’s hard to separate the myth from the man Solomon, however the magick works that claims his name, so I’d say that’s what counts.


If the Solomon of grimores were real I think he’d be somewhere locked away if I recall the myth of Asmodeus telling him his kingdom will crumble and then he‘ll have to face all the 72 he sealed and Asmodeus freed from their brass prisons. I honestly love that lol.

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Lol yeah. There is a funny story that the moment Solomon removed the binds from Asmodeus to perform a task he was thrown out of Jerusalem. Then Asmodeus became the king until Solomon eventually fought his way back. Asmodeus did not appericate being dragged from his home and kept a prisoner.

As far as answering OP’s question, I think the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes. He likely was a real person, but may not have been the legendary magician we make him out to be. Or perhaps he served as an archetypical figure for a whole group of people who were part of the history, much like how Merlin could be viewed as a fictional character that was based off of the druids.



I’ve reached there! Met that Mighty One called Jesus. I fell no more into my body, I got there with ease. He smiles a lot.

My physical body on Earth here suffered greatly to raise my soul power to the state where I can reach where Jesus is, but it’s worth it. Yes, it involves some fasting and prayer; calling on some sublime Angels who prepared my ethereal body to penetrate through the high frequency in His world.


Thanks Luxfero, you mentioned that you can help if anyone wants to reach these planes and find the answers themselves and hear/see as you did… I’d appreciate step by step instructions on how to do this. You updated later that you finally got to the highest plane… I really am keen on doing this and getting to this level but I’m new to spiritually and the most I’ve done was astral travelling but I had to quit due to fear when I found myself in the galaxies… Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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