Very Strange Occurance

I am awakened each morning in my dreams by a voice that says, simply, “Wake up,” or “Get up” and immediately my alarm clock goes off. Within 1-2 seconds. Every morning now for a couple weeks. What’s even stranger is my wife gets up before me every now and again and on a couple occasions the same thing happens to me with her alarm.

At first I thought it was just that my subconscious hears the alarm and my mind says this before I actually process the physical sounds. But I’ve been on high alert now and synced my wristwatch with my cell’s true time. As soon as I hear the dream and have the experience, I look at my wrist watch and it’s right on the minute that the alarm goes off. Example, I’m getting up at 5:00 am, I have the experience, look at my watch as quick as possible and it’s only 1-2 seconds past 5:00, my alarm is a pulse at a frequency of one second. I can count the pulses I’ve heard, look at the second hand on my watch, and derive the timing of my dream. The dream/voice is def preceding the alarm. Told you I was on high alert!

Anyone else experience this? Not sure what it means, as I am getting up anyway.


I have. But mine isn’t always via dream or always a voice. Sometimes I got kicked on my foot. At times I would feel a very high vibration from sleep and i would wake up, then alarm blast: Youuunnnng mula baaby ehhhhh!

So I thought I don’t need alarm anymore, I slept with no alarm. I woke up very very late.