Very strange occurance with Belial's sigil

Every time I would gaze at it, Belial’s sigil, it would put me to sleep almost immediately and I’d sleep for one or two hours. This happened for both my own hand-drawn Belial sigil and a Belial sigil i had downloaded on my phone and was looking at in my phone’s picture gallery.

Anyone else experienced this?

Last night I actually wrote out my desires on the sigil and gazed at it for like 15 minutes and followed the steps from EA Koetting’s sigil magick page.



The problem that you’re experiencing is that you’re not able to level yourself into the Theta gamma sync, what’s happening is that you’re passing through that crucial area, and going straight into sleep instead of leveling yourself off at The crucial area. It’s nothing to worry about, just some practice is all you need, it sounds like you’ve already got the idea down, you just need to be able to stop yourself at that crucial point.

no but i don’t think that’s it because it would almost immediately make me fall asleep. Yesterday i succeeded in doing it, and focused on it for 15 or 20 minutes while doing the visualization, although i didn’t see it “flash” or become 3D. But I do feel that my desire was heard and will be answered.

Should I go ahead and just make a small blood offering and then burn the sigil?

Very much depends, Belial is definitely partial to blood, no mistake there, that would be a great way to close the sigil and to say thank you, but is that something you feel called to do?

If you feel that you need to do that, then feel free to do what you must do.

However, if it is simply an idea, then maybe you should reevaluate.

Well I haven’t exactly fallen asleep immediately but especially when I’ll listen to this one YouTube video on his enn that this person did, I would become extremely relaxed kinda like feeling as if your next to a warm fire on a chilly night. It literally feel as if it soothes me to sleep. Outside of that I don’t exactly have this reaction :thinking: