Very Nice Song.... + Synchronicity message?

Tonight I had just looked up the lyrics to the song Somebody to Die For by Hurts, mind you, I knew the message would be deep and I loved the melody, like other songs by that group, but I never really understood what they were saying untill I looked up the lyrics, I first began listening to it after I had what I believed to be my first successful calling of Lilith, and just these days I had been praying both to Lucifer and Michael and others for help, and tonight I just felt like looking up the lyrics to that song that i had been listening to on repeat for a while.

Now, I never jump straight to a metaphysical significance behind events that may appear to be fortuitous in the belief of synchronicity, I always start with logic so as to rule out any, shall we say, muggle possibility, but interesting that I had the sudden idea to look up the lyrics and I never had before.

Is someone (perhaps Lucifer, or Michael) trying to tell me something? hmmm…or maybe I am just looking too much into it, nevertheless, the poetry and composition behind Somebody to Die For by Hurts is exactly what I believe someone like me needed to hear.

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I get song lyrics as a communication medium quite a lot.
Trust your intuition as to whether it’d personal or not and who it’s from, and also which lines matter the most.

Sometimes it’s just song lyrics, sometimes it’s your subconscious talking to you, sometimes it’s an external message.
I find the external messages come more through songs I don’t control hearing, like those you hear in a store.

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I see, thanks for the input