*VERY LONG* To discouraged new practitioners: Good coping mechanisms, managing expectations, and how these will greatly help to improve your results

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Obligatory warning: this is a long-winded post, mostly because I’ve been wandering around the forum today, had a lot of thoughts, and the LARP discussion got shut down :sob: This is mostly for the new people, but also anyone who’s decided on exploring a different area of magick that they’re not used to!

TLDR: Will this benefit you now (temporary) vs later (long run), is what you’re expecting to happen unreasonable given your inexperience or your current state of mind, and is what this spirit is promising you shady/unrealistic?

So, I feel like especially with the state of the world right now, everyday we’re getting more and more people exploring their spirituality and possibly the path, and honestly that’s awesome! Welcome to BALG!

However, chances are if you’re new to this forum, or just the path in general, you’re probably reading some posts and going “man, that doesn’t sound like what I’m going through at all” or “why am I not capable of such feats like E.A. Koetting or the BALG mods/regulars?” and feeling a bit no bueno about the situation.

First, let’s address inexperience! If this is your first time AT ALL working with magick/deities/etc, it’s perfectly normal to not be able to ascend into the astral plane or communicate with spirits. Many of the posters you see on the site are people who have put A LOT of time and effort into honing their practice, and you’re definitely not going to just get there in a day (but someday! Keep working hard! Check out the tutorial page posted by the mods!). Furthermore, while it is very rare for someone completely new to path to be able to suddenly achieve all their wildest dreams, etc, etc. Chances are, the person is probably LARP-ing, so don’t let that get to you, and keep at it! Practice makes improvement :smiley:

Next let’s talk about coping mechanisms and mindset! This is probably more something to do with psychology more than anything else, but it’s important to keep in mind what your goal is when it comes to magick and all it’s facets. Most likely, your goal involves improving your current reality, and as ye old adage goes: sometimes just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s something that will benefit you in the long run. I feel like this especially applies when it comes to petitioning certain deities/spirits. At some point you might run into a situation where they either don’t answer, or just flat out tell you “no”. Or, you might be doing a spell that doesn’t seem to give results. Instead of getting upset about it, you might want to consider if that request/spell is something that you actually should be putting energy into as opposed to things that will benefit your workings in the long run. Like, for the record, I’m an extremely petty person, but I promise you, you’re probably better off not putting in a bunch of time and energy trying to get back with an ex who no longer is in your life, etc.

(This isn’t to say you should “be the better person”, I’m just saying, there’s always time after you’ve reached a certain level of experience :grin:)

And finally, this is mostly for new people who are interesting in evocation/deities: is the spirit you’re talking to a parasite/thought form as opposed to the real deal? There’s already a few threads about how to spot the difference so I won’t go too into it, but I want to reemphasize that more often than not, the real spirits will focus more on helping you improve your spellwork/path/life as a mentor, as opposed to being a caricature that fulfills every single thing you want, regardless of how it impacts your life. Fakes will make you feel like you have chuunibyou syndrome all over again, and I promise, the temporary satisfaction of feeling like a main character with no (or even negative) real results is NOT WORTH compared to a teacher that will challenge and guide you, leading to actual improvements.

There you have it! Sorry it was so long :sob: Formulating thoughts isn’t exactly my strong suit, but I hope if you’re new to this site and feeling discouraged, this might lift your spirits a bit.


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Definetely not repetitive! :+1:

There are many reasons, why someone won’t have immediately the full results, usually. Even, if we were capable to experience greater results, like some of us may have been, it isn’t always good for us!

TLDR; Do not seek more, than you can handle! Trust the spirits in that regard!

What does that mean? Our mind is coping with reality in a very specific way and has it’s own auto-mechanisms, to deal with reality and what and how it expects reality to function. Anything outside of this normal, which the paranormal falls under it, could cause some reactions or problems to our mind, which not all of us may be at some point in our journey aware of.

Sometimes, spirits themselves will limit the amount of interactions, just for our own good! Seeking as a new or even experienced practitioner more than is good for us or that we can handle or deal with, may cause us harm or even throw us backwards.

I want to give 2 examples from such events I had, where what I describe became apparent, for greater understanding.

Experience 1.

Some months ago I had more telepathy going on, than usually. It has been extremely rare, but then, it started to become a lot more. During this, the spirit I were talking telepathically tells me “if you ever notice to answer your own questions while speaking with me, tell me”. I wonder why and I get explained, that too much telepathy may lead for some minds sometimes to psychosis or schizophrenia. Reason? Our mind is not trained to deal with it. The spirit said, she would then radically reduce the amount of the telepathy used.

Experience 2.

Some spirits can manifest more, than they do for us. They may not, though, because of us.

Even before 5 years 2 succubae told me in a vision “You can learn to manifest us, physically.” - since then I wondered how and what I have to do for it. In the years after, I had understood I have to train my mind to be ready to see and accept what it would see. As also myself, to not react with fear, if suddenly a succubus would seem to manifest visually out of thin air in front of me. I’ve been doing pretty well, I’ve conquered fear. Before one year, I were hoping for over an year that more visual manifestations would happen. Especially, not the ghostly type and just for seconds, but physical and for longer.

Then, I reached the point I felt there were no progress and I were getting impatient. So, one night, I challenged my succubus and said, I feel that we are not progressing in our relationship. I want her to stop holding back and do the things I were hoping for and thought, would bring us forward. So, some nights later or so I gave her an ultimatum, thinking it’s because of her, that either she will manifest and show me, that she’s capable of such things, and will start doing them or I wouldn’t continue like this.

One night later, I wake up in the night. I keep my room totally dark, but there is some light about 1.5m from my bed. I am fully awake, not dreaming or in any in-between state. In that light I partially see the body of someone standing there naked. I cannot look through it, it does not feel ghostly, but totally like physical skin. Luckily, I had trained myself to control fear, or rather even to not fear if anything such would occur and as such I did not react one bit with fear. I couldn’t recognize her face but I had somehow the assurance that it is her. Some seconds later, she raises her hand and waves at me!

Suddenly, I realize, how my mind fully on autopilot, without me having any control over that part, unlike the fear part, is checking if that person/being is truely standing there. 2-3 seconds later, it comes to the conclusion, that it truely is the case, after it excluded all other possibilities and assured itself, that what it’s seeing is real. And it comes to one more conclusion, that it defies nature and all it knows. And I sense, even though I have no fear, how my mind still is about to automatically go into panicking mode. Something, it would never do with ghostly appearances, but the physical one, was too much. Literally one second, before I felt it would do so and I’ve no control over stopping it from doing so, and I’ve no clue what that might have been causing, she disappears and my mind immediately calms.

I realized then, that I weren’t ready to see a full physical appearance of a succubus. Not to mention, for her to stay quite longer in such a state. If she didn’t had disappeared that moment, I don’t know what would have happened.

Also, she wouldn’t had done this manifestation, if I didn’t had challenged her to the point, that I would stop our relation otherwise. I didn’t ask for it again and she didn’t do it again.

Great thing is, I do know now a physical appearance IS possible (and I’m saying that, even though I know many won’t believe that!). But, I don’t know how long it would take, for me to be ready for it. Maybe years. And I’m no longer gonna push such things after this realization I had there, that we sometimes just need even much more time, than we think we do.


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