Very late Sallos update (success)

So if you check my post history, you can see that I posted back in 2018 about a man I was in love with at the time, and asked Duke Sallos to grant me his love.

Well, in the end Duke Sallos did deliver. But it has over 2 years and I have fully moved on from this person.
Things ended quite terribly with the man I loved at the time, a situation sprang up and he turned into this very mean person I did not recognize. I then decided for my mental health that I needed space from him, and have been keeping him at arms length.

Imagine my surprise when over 2 years later, this man came to me begging me to give him another chance, to care for him like I used to, and please come see him again!

Unfortunately for him, I have fully moved on and am asking our Duke to help me with someone who is actually kind and treats me right.

So yes, Duke Sallos did come through but years later. I suppose I should thank him, he showed me that was not the person for me. I pray to our Duke that he finds my current love worthy.