Very intense spiritual experience last night

It was like being Oprah Winnfrey in ghost - I went to bed as usual couldn’t sleep so well and started drowsing must have gone right what I call ‘the level’ or the ‘the place’. Usually I just pass through it on my way down to sleep, but this time I lucid and kind of stuck there for at least half an hour. My goodness it was like at least 10 spirits were trying to talk to me all falling over themselves. There was one more malelovent type of entity, all aural no visuals. I would wake myself up - shake my head type of thing and drift off again and back to it. One spirit suggested something along the lines of there being a spiritual war being fought over me or the such, or im in a spiritual war. Towards the end after trying to banish them to no effect lol, I started asking in some dead people were present that I know have died. Again to no effect.

This is the most intense spiritual communication ive ever had and it was indeed that fucking intense.


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