Very first physical manifestation

Hello, im new to magick and Id like to find a beginner’s friendly entity that can manifest something simple in my life so i can be sure that magick works and devote myself to this. A lust spell or a friendly lust entity that could give me fast results could help me a lot. From my nature I cant rely only on the psychological effect of something to believe that it is true, I want a bit of physical proof aswell, and this applies for every aspect of my life. Its just how my brain works. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Before opening any more threads, please post an introduction in the Intro thread, as requested by a member in the previous one you opened. It is a rule of this forum.


Dude, physical manifestation is hard for even someone like E. A koetting. So as for now forget about it. And as far as getting result is concerned for a neophyte it will take months to manifest. (unless you have done your work in your previous life) so I would advice do magic with a fun element to it, not trying to test it with james randi attitude. But at the same time be cautious, Dark entities spirits can fuck up your life also.


I apologise you may misunderstood the term physical manifestation (im newbie, dont know the teminology well) .By that i wanted to say a sign or an opportunity in real life given by the entity, something that I see a lot of people here manage to achieve. What would be an entity for a beginner to work with? Lets say for money issues

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It is just me or it looks like you just want sex, and then Magick?
What is your purpose with Magick?

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The first entity you need to work with as a beginner is yourself. You need to practice doing the basics before you start working with spirits. Meditation, opening sigils, visualization techniques, energy work, etc. While you’re developing those things in yourself you could learn about some of these entities and decide who to work with.

Or if you’ve made up your mind you want to work with an entity to prove to yourself magick is real, then I suggest King Paimon. He’s not hard to work with, just call him “King” Paimon as he prefers the title. Search the forum for a sigil of KP


Nah I’m not that much obsessed with sex. I just thought it as a way of an entity showing me that those things are real. I wouldnt mind some attention as a first manifestation so why not…its just that i want a sign in the real world, call it an oportunity or attention from someone that you didnt even talk with for years. Things like that could make myself full devote to the world of magick. I just want a sign and ask you guys to help me find it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, although where can i find all those things that you told me about? There are too many sources and its so easy to get information overload nowadays. I got the free trial ebook from balg and im about to start reading. Is that a nice way to begin?

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Try this:


Hey, i read this article a few hours ago and I was thinking of working with Sitri. I think he is fascinating and read a lot of reviews about him. Although i have some doubts. Im a complete beginner and im afraid that I will fuck up. Should i read the whole ebook before doing anything first? What could go wrong if i try to summon Sitri, could a permanent bond happen?

What do you mean, a “permanent bond?” All you are doing is opening his sigil and calling him to your presence.

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He could be referring to that which EA talks about wherein once summoned, a spirit will always be with you (and always has been with you).


I’ve mentioned it before, and I will do it again:

What you’re talking about are VISUAL MANIFESTATION, rather than a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION, because you want to see spirits rather than PHYSICALLY INTERACT with them and feel them on a physical level. Add both forms of manifestations and it’s a visual/physical manifestation.

I know physical manifestation, and the general description of it, in here, doesn’t fit in to my own experiences. I’m just speaking for myself now.

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I think thats what I was reffering to. Lets say I summon Sitri and he completes my willing. What if i dont want to contact him again for x, y reasons. Will he stay with me forever? I mean will he interact in my everyday life or cause problems If i do not pay attention to him?

a few more questions…by opening the seal do u mean performing the ritual EA talks about in the article?

No. Time doesn’t really exist for spirits and, if you want to get technical, it doesn’t really exist for us either. It is merely a function of our perceptual apparatus that makes it seem like time is linear.

What EA meant is that the moment you summon a spirit, then that spirit is with you in every incarnation simultaneously in the circle that is time. It does not mean the spirit is hanging around you like a clingy girlfriend, jealous of any attention you give to other spirits. It’s more like the spirit imprints upon your energy body, making it easier to call upon it in the future, but it will not immediately take up residence with you.

Yes, opening the seal is what EA talks about in the article.


okay i see, thank you for your answer. by the way would you consider Sitri a good entity for someone to begin with? ive read a lot about him in this forum and he fascinates me…at the moment im reading the trial ebook from EA to get as much information as possible, hope it helps

I do not know. I’ve never worked with Sitri. Go by your intuition and, if you feel drawn to him, try him out.

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