Very crazy week

This has been the weirdest/craziest week in my life so far. Ever since posting my intro

Things have just been increasingly getting weirder and weirder. First, started with waking up from a dream of a man speaking to me, the way a teacher speaks to a student.

I can’t remember at all what was said by this person in the dream, how they looked etc, but I’m 100% positive it happened.

Automatically Lucifer’s name popped up in my head. Next, while after checking out YouTube videos of one of my favorite shows on TV, Vikings, I came across a playlist of Norse/ folklore music.I’ve always loved listening to Gregorian chants and Norse folk music, and I’ve oddly felt connected to it.

But after reading about the different Norse gods and the experiences members on the forums had with them, the connection to the music felt much much deeper.

For some time after, I was stuck with thoughts of Odin and wolves in my head for sometime, being in a forest prepping for what felt like a battle. And wolves have also always been my favorite animal.

Yesterday, I’m basically just sitting down reading about godforms, and get thoughts of a big wolfman, dressed like a king, sitting on a throne, in this beautiful temple like place.

He looked badass, dominant and vicious, but at the same time I felt that he could be gentle and kind, but firm to those who cared about.

Next to him is this beautiful woman with black hair, red lips the color of blood, and pale skin.

Next thing I know, my thoughts change and I am seeing ffrom this wolfman’s POV and I come to the realization deep down that this being is me, and this woman next to me is connected to me, like the love of my life.

I can see like the court of my kingdom in front of me, beings that are there, but I can’t make out how they look and then the thoughts and scene kind of fade away.

Since then I’ve had thoughts of this woman, some of it sexual, others just us being together and that we are both extremely connected to each other. It made me think of this extremely vivid dream I had years ago of being with the most beautiful blonde I’ve ever seen, in red lingerie, getting it on.

Couple hours later I decided to read Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia before I start reading Evoking Eternity.

As I’m reading it, I noticed that Duquette puts down the degrees and zodiac signs that correlates with each of the 72 demons. I decided to search for mine and find Amon.

It shocks me because the description for him says one of his forms is that of a “wolf with a serpents tail”. So since this all has started happening at night I see little darts of flashing light in my room, mainly yellow.

When I thought about the woman, while at the same time reading @succupedia’s multiple posts about succubi and Lilith, I saw a bluish white orb kinda pop up in front of me and disappear just as fast, which makes me think that the woman is a succubus.

Couple minutes later I think I even saw like a little misty thing shoot into my hand. This also just goes along with the shadows I sometimes see on my bedroom walls, and the first and only knock I’ve ever heard come from my attic, that is basically locked.

But the part of all of this that is gnawing at me the most, is they all feel familiar. Every person I read about from Lucifer, Odin, Azazel, Belial, Paimon, Lilith, and Satan in a extremely weird way they feel as if their family, brothers or comrades.

I know for a fact I’m not crazy, don’t have any mental health issues either. Has anything like this happened to anyone?

I’m trying to understand what it all just means. I’ve sat here for about a hour trying to right this out as clear as possible as it’s just confusing to even put into words.



P.S. I’m a beginner in every sense of the word. Haven’t done anything yet or even actually meditated, but since I’ve started going down this “rabbit’s hole” these things have started happening. Just want to make that clear before it seems as if I have some experience working with magick


Beauty and the Beast

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