Very Bizarre Experience

I was watching section 6 of mastering evocation just now.

As E. A. got to the part of calling Beelzebub everything was going fine for me. But as he took the dagger and cut himself I began to feel queasy.

Now it’s true, that I get queasy when I see shows detailing surgery etc. but this was far more. I was very much into the whole process, feeling much like I was there as this was happening.

The queasy feeling continued and got worse. Finally, I paused the video and went to the bathroom to throw up.

I’m still really surprised as I have never had a reaction like that.

Giving blood to entities is no problem for me and have done so on numerous occasions by using a diabetic lancette.

It had been hours since I have eaten and did not eat anything that disagreed with me. I was fine until we got to that part of the ritual.

Furthermore, being a Babalawo, ritual sacrifice is not new to me and have done it hundreds of times.

So this really took me by surprise.

Maybe I’m just a little on the crazy side from this video today. But I thought it strange enough to post here. It is probably nothing, but just thought I would reach out here and check.

Anyone have any thoughts – other than to seek psychological help? :slight_smile:

“Anyone have any thoughts – other than to seek psychological help? :-)”

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Well, that WAS going to be my suggestion! Interesting experience & thanks for the share. I felt completely elated when that happened in the vid (maybe it is I who should seek help yes?).

I don’t know. Perhaps:

  1. Watch the exact same section 3-5 times in a row and see if your reaction is the same

  2. Or, just move on and chock it up to an experience with no inherent value. What I’m saying is it may be just a freako thing that will never happen again, and you may be wasting valuable time trying to figure it out.

Perhaps the lesson is acceptance in that instance…time shall tell :slight_smile:

Sage advice Mode_439.

Like I said, I have no problem in sacrificing animals, blood in general etc. though surgeries do make me a little queasy. LOL

Actually think it was something I ate that just happened to hit coincidentally at the same time from a few hours before.

It is nice to have the forum here to post to. Thank you for responding…

The course is absolutely incredible.

Might’ve been the energy. I posted my reaction to this ritual on another thread, but basically I tuned into the entity right along with the video and, while I didn’t find the energy oppressive or malevolent, it was very intense.

You might’ve had a similar experience. I’ve had several times where I’ve done an energy exercise that was too intense for me and it caused me to feel a lot of pain in my stomach, to the point I thought I would vomit, and I’ve heard similar experiences from other people.

I watched that part again. I found myself going into an altered state just like I did the first time I saw it. And again I found myself getting queasy.

It was not a bad feeling. Just a very strong reaction to the energy I believe. I was very much tuned into the ritual and Beelzebub.

And it blows me away that I had this reaction. For as long as I have practiced Santeria/Ifa, and all the sacrifices I have done, to have a reaction like this from a video is rather shocking to me.

Maybe there is an affinity with Beelzebub. I intend to find out.

This just caught me totally off guard. I would never have expected something like this.

All I can say is that this course is absolutely blowing my mind.