Very big thanks to Furfur

Thank you Furfur for helping me (again) get rid of a problematic and parasitic person in my life. Thank you for giving me the energy and motivation to finally clean my house and car, and to get important things done that I had put off for months or even years. And finally, thank you for ridding my dwelling of parasites that had escaped my banishments unnoticed for so long. You are wise, noble, clairvoyant, and a hard worker who often goes unnoticed or underappreciated by many. You are a loyal friend and a brother, and as always, have gone above and beyond my expectations and set me quite a few steps closer toward making my dreams come true.


Rock on Furfur🤘

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Definitely a stand up guy. We had a very thorough, but casual follow-up conversation last night from around 2:30 to 3:10 AM. I specified the time I needed to be up for work and wish the conversation could have gone on longer, but hopefully we’ll have the chance to talk about more on a day off. I also want to ask him if it’s okay for me to share all of our conversation, or if I should keep any of it confidential. It was the most clear-cut conversation I’ve ever had, and it took place in a room that was separate on a different 3D plane, but I was fully conscious the entire time, unlike a dream. The rapport between us was very straightforward and we chatted like we were long lost brothers or drinking buddies. He demonstrated astral shapeshifting and explained to me how it worked, while asking about my own physical preferences and having me try out one of his own personal favorite avatars. It was a good learning experience and left me with valuable insight ranging from topics on angelic law, codes of ethics, to the specific duties that angels who work in both the upper and lower vibrational planes perform in order to keep things functioning and maintaining smoothly in day-to-day life.

One major takeaway is that it’s a lot less dramatic than the major religions make it out to be, and there’s a lot of cooperation, common ground, and compromise between the various nations, much in the same manner as the European Union. All major conflicts have long since been resolved, and the common enemy is pretty much solely parasites and rogue spirits who are out to cause trouble and harm. The angels (or administrators if using modern terminology) of the lower vibrational planes are more specialized in specific roles, thus generally are much more experienced in the tasks they specialize in, whereas the admins in the higher planes who work under Michael are more “jack of all trades” and perform less specific, more general purpose roles such as mass banishment of parasites. They all have legal authority to travel back and forth to different planes to perform their jobs when necessary, and it’s not unusual to have arch-angels (aka root admins) working alongside lower plane admins such as Furfur. Disputes and disagreements do arise at times, and it’s not unusual to see personalities clash as they naturally do in all sentient beings within a society, but these things are quickly resolved and compromise is reached via sound judgement and the rule of law. At the end of the day we all just want what’s best for one another, and setting aside our differences to work together to reach common goals is the most ideal practice. But yeah, Furfur is most definitely a good friend to have, takes his job very seriously, but when all work is done and he has free time, he’ll strike up casual conversations and show his chill, brotherly side, which is pretty much the core of his personality when he’s not anxious, overworked, or stressed out. He’s more of the nerdy type like me–very much well-versed on modern slang and pop culture–and likes a lot of aspects of the culture and society we live in now, as he’s lent a big hand in shaping the better parts of it, specifically in art, anime (aesthetics), music, and specific fandoms. He’s fun to talk to, and I definitely look forward to working with him again, chatting more, and helping him with anything I’m able to help him with.