Verbal / Written Channeling Questions

I wasn’t sure where to put this but it seems suited to the Divination aspect of the forum since it was covered in the Divination course.

I was attempting the so-called channeling of the spirit Azazel as a means to discern what I should do to move myself along. Since, if you have read what I posted elsewhere on the forum, its clear that I have several areas which need a lot of brushing up on.

One of the things Azazel pointed out was that I had blockages within four of my main chakras resulting from errors in whatever meditations I did in the past for them. The thing I question however, is the action that I was ‘directed’ to do to start unblocking them. This was for the root chakra, where I was informed to just sit and then bend so far forward that my chin was to touch the ground between my legs, although it was worded as ‘curling’.

I was supposed to hold that position for at least an hour but I had to sleep soon so I more or less argued my way out of it which resulted in a breathing sequence to sit back up. Consequently, it felt like a very long stretching that resulted in my lower spine gaining and losing tension.

Prior to that, I was told to visualize the chakra and then ‘reach’ into it and pull the blockage out.

What I would like to know is, was this valid in any way or was it some error on my part? Granted as my focus broke several times and I had to take a few moments to obtain it again through this entire experience.

Trust your self, trust the spirits.

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