Verbal pacts

Say you do a verbal pact with a demon. What’s the difference between that and a written one? I mean, what’s the limit of a verbal pact? Where does it end and where does the written one begin?

So far, from my experience, I noticed that a verbal one is for possession with a time limit and with the purpose of self-transformation. This is the only kind of pact I did with a demon, but I’m curious as to what else could a verbal agreement consist in.

There’s an old saying, “always get it in writing”. I don’t think it’s less appropriate here than anywhere else.

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Unless you’re a cunning linguist and a distinguished speaker yourself, chances are if you try to do a verbal pact you’ll leave out important parts by accident. Even if you try to memorize an oral pact. I don’t see why you wouldn’t just want to write it down. You can even type it up and print it out to present it to the spirit during the evocation. I look at pacts like legally binding documents. Would you expect to walk into a court of law and try to have a verbal contract upheld? Well you could, but you wouldn’t get far. Like MichaelSmith said: get everything in writing.

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