Verbal commands in evocations debate

This thread is supposed to serve as an answer to the question but also as a space to debate the question.

In his book “Evoking Eternity” E.A said this: “You must command creation to bring you what you desire, with the fullness of your authority and power. Your voice needs to vibrate through the galaxies so that every molecule in existence will know that you have spoken, and that you must be obeyed.”

He is implying that a verbal command has to be stated out loud, but does the intensity or loudness of the command make any difference? Is it even needed at all?

In the same book E.A mentions a psychic connection between you and the entity referred to as a metaphoric indigo beam. The aforementioned beam is a way for the entity to travel throughout the universe and throughout all of the planes of existence.

Isn’t that psychic link enough for the entity and you to communicate mentally making verbal commands simply unnecessary?


A verbal command makes one’s intentions clear. Koetting is teaching black magic. A black magician measures the success of their operations through real world results. A black magic operation is one that is done for a specific purpose. (There are plenty of other ways to define black magic of course.)

Leaving out the command would be more of a communion than an evocation. Communion can be very satisfying and useful, but lacks the clarity of purpose that Koetting teaches. The entities that one might choose would probably fit into the category of god, although the difference between a demon and a god seems to be a matter of one’s personal lexicon.

There are a zillion ways to look at this, but Koetting teaches people how to get results like a scientist. His methods are worth consideration for sure.