How does one work with Venus? I have only worked with spirits before and i assume it’s maybe different with Venus?

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The Roman goddess or the planet?


planet sorry!

I don’t think you can evocate a planet. You can evocate beings associated with the planet though.

Try the goddess instead.

EDIT: Unless you’re talking about path working? Or something similar?

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You may use the Venus seal by Agrippa, green light (if possible, light green) or candles and vervain, coriander and rose incense. Maybe also the corresponding music of Gustav Holst playing in background.

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what do you mean by pathworking? honestly i don’t know anything about planetary magick i just remember seeing posts of people saying they worked with the planet venus and that they somehow benefited from that, so i was wondering how exactly they do that if you know what i mean?

I’m gonna tell you from experience you can :grin: same with the elements. If you look into multiple traditions you will find that they are considered as both entites in their own right and forces of energy.

You can call on these forces to manifest shifts in reality and to learn from same as other spiritual entities.

As a side note for this process if you evoke these forces into your life it will transform you and that is not always a pleasant experience.

Similar to working with the runes.