Venus and Saturn Kiss 💋

venus and Saturn are gonna kiss

I feel like this would be an amazing time to do some magicks.

The two powers combined… With a full moon.

Venus and Saturn kissing with a romantic full moon, back drop. On a Tuesday with passionate and fiery mars the ruling planet.
Venus with catch up to Saturn and overtake it. :smirk:
A great time to do some love and /or sex magick. If I ever saw it. :cupid:

It also goes with my reading I did yesterday

Skull of light venus
Skull of Darkness Saturn
Eternal lovers. The kiss.

Our powers combined.

A great time to utilize venus and Saturn together.


As someone who actively works with the Thantifaxath tunnel and phylosophically studies the Dagdagiel tunnel, it sounds nasty as fuck, but I ship it! :heart_eyes:

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Saturn is about to get his world rocked :heart_eyes:

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Qabalistically, it could be also be a lesbian kiss :thinking:

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Whatever floats everyones boats :heart:

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Your cards are very pretty, they somehow remind me of my tarot of vampires

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They are Halloween Oracle cards :jack_o_lantern:

Thank you :heart:



As a Capricorn, this is going down in my first house of self. Holy smokes! I’m bracing myself…something is amiss. :crystal_ball:


Maybe if Saturn likes it he’ll put a ring on it :joy: :ring:


I was looking at it, they are in the exact same degree 14 hours from now (10:00 UTC I believe)

Halloween Oracle

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Did my work for this :kissing_heart: