To be honest I’m scared yet not scared it’s weird stuff happened I lost my emotions of pushed them away and I’m very suicidal actually overdosed and plan on doing it again. Lol all I wanted was to make a pact to get something and it’s the complete opposite of what I asked for. Can I please get help lol. Because I know it’s self diagnosing so not a actual professional, but I think I may have a small form of bipolar or ptsd it’s complicated. Sorry. Just need help communicating with the Goetia spirits, I’ve been trying myself it’s weird since My mindset isn’t completely here. Anyway sorry if I’m breaking and guidelines/rules. I’ll find a way to take this down if I am.

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Take a deep breath, now exhale and just chill. Can’t let you do anything you’ll regret. Just take it easy here. You need to talk to a professional or a therapist. You’ve kind of become unbalanced and I’m worried about you.
Now if you are just upset because you are not getting results in your magick it takes time, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Pm me and I’ll help you get squared away but don’t go overdosing or anything like that and you need to balance yourself again so try calling a hotline if you can’t get therapy right away. Maybe even go to an AA meeting or two.