Hey, i need ideas on how to make someone that crossed me life difficult. Work ralated. I was to get a specific hrly pay rate per initial agreement, but the place sucked n I decided to leave. The check then sent me was at a $1.60/50 less hrly rate.

As evil as this sounds, I want to make her burn. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

#LucifersChild. :metal:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: is this on an employment contract? If so then depending on the situation you should be able to get paid the difference.

There is a simple rule to follow with baneful magick.

Do not curse someone unless you have the intent of killing them, otherwise, your magick will fail.

Find another way out of this situation.


What happen though, she didn’t give me the paperwork with that in4. It was word of mouth. I didn’t expect that from a nursing facility, but got stabbed in the back.

I just want her to suffer from grief for a while.

It you want to try and get the funds binding her to fulfill her responsibilities with saturn may help. Depending on how you do it you could set it up so a progressivly violent shit storm is included if she doesnt fulfill her obligations. :thinking:


Maybe fall down break a leg…

:thinking: i’d have to respectfully disagree there are other types of curses other than death.


Necromancy is your bet here.

Spirits of the dead will cause all the grief you desire on her.

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Could u plz help me with that? U can PM me if ud like.

Dude… I’m not sure about that after doing necromancy on XXXtentacion. The interesting part, I didn’t realize that’s what I’d done till he was around all the time and wouldn’t leave me alone. Banishing him was hard. :woman_facepalming:

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Cursing without the intent of killing will typically yield weak results.
Regardless even with killing intent unless you put the juice into that curse to actually kill them it will not.

The point is that baneful magick is not something that is easily manipulated or controlled, if your going to curse someone the possibility of their death is always possible.

And frankly cursing with out the intent to kill is just retarded, just do something else to cause them problems.


Leave a fifth of Bacardi 151 and a box of high dollar cigars at a 3-way crossroads in a satin bag tied with a 13-looped hangman’s noose around the neck of a voodoo doll in a tall tree with the initials of the victim stitched in the the doll’s head and the sigil of Andras stitched into the place on the chest directly ahead of where a human heart would be.

That should make for some fun.


Point noted. So u still suggest necromancy?


Yes, work with a Demon like Bune if you wanna try out Necromancy as a safe guard.


Can u plz PM me details? I’ve tried working with Bune before I began to follow the LHP, and was not lucky.

I’m gonna need you to pm me first, I can’t start the pm’s at the moment unfortunately

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Again id have to disagree. I’ve had plenty of curses that had nothing to do with physical death if the target that turned out the way i wanted or better :laughing:


Evoke Andromalius then, he’s not very likely to murder anyone but definitely will bring the pain if this person has truly wronged you in his judgement.