Vegan sacrifice 🐔

Breaking an egg. Well known technique from decades ago. Never sacrificed an egg to a spiritual entity though. I’m getting on well enough without sacrificing (non-human) animals. My sheeple victims are sacrificing themselves and I’ve a ringside seat.

P.s. Just on that point, there’s a lot of real low grade energies building up. Like a wave in the ocean, that energy is getting stronger. It’s almost physical in nature, so why waste it?


What you mean by ‘low grade’

Energies generated by desperation, hopelessness, starvation, etc,. are very physical in their nature. Low vibration (I guess). I use the Elhaz rune body posture to harvest and direct these. Why not, as otherwise these are wasted?



Why not

Yeah, sounds good, how about starting with sacrificing the Wndows os and replacing it with Linux.

You really should do that you know.

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