Vassago drama

So I tried invoking/evoking Vassago for four days straight. Gotta be consistent so I did this once everyday, at 3:00AM since many of them seem to like that time stamp for some reason? Anyway here’s the drama that unfolded in this adventure:

Day 1) I gazed at Vassago’s sigil and activated it since the sigil looked like it was pulsating/moving a bit after some time passed. I asked him if a certain path was the right path for me (the question is unrelated to magic). The next morning I felt a disembodied presence above me a bit before I woke up and then it left and never came back.

Day 2) Gazed and asked the same question again. The next morning around 6:00AM there was a twister or tornado that came out of nowhere. Unlike hurricanes which are more common, twisters and tornadoes are much rarer and usually come during the day. It’s never came so early in the morning like that with no warning.

Day 3) Gazed and asked the same question again. Late at night when I was in my room I heard a meow from the neighbor’s front yard. I went to check out the meow and it was the stray black cat I’ve seen around here. Last time I saw him he looked at me, slowly walked away, and looked and walked away until he disappeared behind a tree or something (the grass was tall in some places so when he went behind a certain area of grass near the tree I couldn’t see him anymore) so I guess he’s not too comfortable around me yet. It was hard to see him even with the lantern I had so I approached him slowly. I meowed at him too and slowly got closer to him since he’s a stray and I didn’t want to risk scaring him off by walking too fast. Since the gate was between us I guess he felt safer? Anyway after some time I think I saw him slowly going under the neighbor’s car? Again very dark so it was hard to tell. Since he didn’t immediately run off like a stray cat usually would I’m guessing he has some experience with people. Since it was a black cat, black cats meaning bad luck to some people, I’m guessing it was another sign because…

Day 4) Gazed and asked the same question again. Around 4:00 AM this morning one of my roommates gets sick and throws up in the bathroom. They felt normal throughout the day yesterday and when I woke up around 10:00 or 11:00 AM I asked them if they ate anything that would have caused it and they said they didn’t.

I guess I should have taken the “no kids or older people” advice more carefully. I’ll wait until my situation changes so when I move I can do this with no one else around getting hurt. I don’t know for a fact that it’s him or his energy causing this but things like this don’t happen like this, four days in a row. Every time I finished asking my request I thanked him for coming and that he may leave.

For reference, Vassago’s powers are:

  1. Of a good nature (so I’m guessing like the Superman or Spiderman of demons?)
  2. Tells of things past and future (fortune teller)
  3. Is the bionic “lost and found” department

Sounds good for beginners which is why I was interested.

So even with someone like him that I’m trying to call I guess it’s a bad idea. If all the things that happened around me are because of him then lesson learned.

Although I did get something else. Possible confirmation that this is working even though I can’t hear, see or feel him around me. I’ll try to talk to the spirits again after I’m away from my roommates. If I can’t talk to spirits, what other magic could I do then? Should I even try?


:thinking: if you add “no harm done” or “bless everyone envolved” in the end of your ritual, should solve this issue! Unless your cursing…


It’s not a curse. I asked him if a certain financial opportunity was the right fit for me but I didn’t feel like he responded to it.

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Why did I laugh

Anyway, you should wait and see how the results will manifest, maybe it’s not instant.

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Maybe that’s his response :woman_shrugging: it indicates “no”
But you should really add “no harm done” in your dismissal

I worked with vassago and he just really quiet, for me at least. I’m not the best when it comes to sensing stuff but I did get to talk to him straight up in a dream. I recommend going to some of my older post.

First evo

Sleep encounters

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yeah! He gave me so many prophetic dreams! It was insane the lucidity and the detail accuracy! But he was weird! Wouldn’t let me see his face features…


Vassago helped me several times. He is easy going. he has a very calming energy. He is very handsome.

It doesn’t sound like it was him to me. He is always eager to help. But I say this because of my experiences.

Vassago isn’t always easy to connect with. I remember trying to evoke him once to find lost keys. I found they keys years later. I’ve found Cimeres to be much faster for the finding lost items thing. (as in I’ve never even managed to get to a full evocation before the items were found.)

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Update: I just killed one of those ugly spiders with longer legs. Not the disgusting brown daddy long legs but a larger black spider. Even after I killed it I actually told my roommate “I still have that feeling like it’s on me. shudder” That spiders usually give me. I don’t know what is it about big spiders that make me shiver but I can’t stand them. Don’t know if things like this are relevant or not but I’ll mention them anyway.

He’s a stray. Hearing a person meow might make him feel less unnerved than hearing a person talk which he most likely isn’t used to. Stray animals usually hear other stray animal sounds since they’re around other stray animals for the most part so he might not have been comfortable with words.

As many people have mentioned Vassago is very very silent. From my experience he is a bit finicky as to whether he answers or not but he does seem to have a sense of humor and may be a neat freak so get your space in order and stay as clean as possible and see if he will come through clearer. I’m still trying to figure him out

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I think you may be reading too much into effects around you and trying to find reasons why it could mean that Vassago is bad or “bad luck”

If black cats are bad luck, then everyone who owns a black cat or around them should have bad luck prepetually.

My mother has 2 black cats(strays that she took in) I am the one that mostly lives w/ them and takes care of the house for her.

They cross my paths all the time.

The only “bad luck” they bring is when they either get sick or cough up hairballs and we have to clean it from time to time.

Black cats also symbolize witchcraft/sorcery which is what you were doing by summoning Vassago.

Your roomate throwing up after you happened to do a ritual days prior doesn’t mean that Vassago caused it.

Did he go to a party where he drank?

I’ve had spontaneous energetic problems where I got nauseous and threw up too.

Magical energies can cause many side effects unforeseen whether you are working w/ positive or negative entities.

I’ve had it blow out my electronics before, not record on my camera, time jump on the camera, mess up my phone for a bit, make a car refuse to start until I banished the energies, cause nightly visitors, cause spontaneous astral projections when I was at rest, cause spontaneous sexual arousal, cause inorgasmia, etc.

When I started doing the Black Sun exorcise that E.A. recommends, all the clocks around me no matter where I was, all had the wrong time on them, even when I checked the internet times.

This did NOT go away until I stopped doing the exercise and banished the energies.

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