VARNAXIS : Demon Of Dark Ascent

ok this is getting creepy I had a feeling to check forums and I never look at this section but I did and I find something mentioning Set the first entity I ever had contact with now five years later now that I’m starting to work on my path hemail shows up again

Bumping for a great spirit and powerful mentor who still understands all about the human experience.


I get Satan-like vibes, if that makes sense. Kind of like a chaos bearing initiator sort of role.

That would explain it. Never mind lol. (For the record I haven’t seen this in quite some time)


Is this his enn?

lol I asked the same question. if you scroll up to the you will see the answer.


:joy: thanks, the thread is very long :rofl:

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Yes, that’s his enn, huuuuuge thread. :smiley:

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Bumping my Uncle, he’s a great mentor, and very powerful if you like hardcore serious dark stuff. :black_joker:



talked about this in a voice call,ever since the name is on my mind.

@Lady_Eva Considering an evocation to him,by looking at his sigil and diving deeper into his name into the current of power that lies within , i arleady feel great knowladge and power


I had chills just reading his name and I feel like I’m surrounded by an icy energy that doesn’t want to leave.

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Sut or Sutekh was a Hyksos warrior god worshiped in Egypt in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Dynasties (c.1674-1567) and identified with Set . He is also a son of [Iblis]who inspires lies and he has 4 brothers.

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hi, i need work with him i wish to be black magician and demon, but i think only diferent its need happen in this life material blood demonic drinked. But thats need be very powerful spiritual to manifest full demon. Need actually be choosen for it. Not all can be demons. Whats come on my mind earth as she have her meridians, her positive ones there is idk how much true numbers there is devils graves called spots with dif energy. So if we do rituals on that spots even this weaker can have very good results.

black lines on white background are best, its will show visions if you stare longer

Other notes - Varnaxis (in life) never invoked individual demons and never went rummaging through the grimoires with a frown wondering if he had the right spirit - he just called the Master of Darkness and left him the details.

What details I don’t understand the hint. Can you be more specific?

He reached the initial state he wanted, namely to become a demonic being and not just a human being - I don’t know what an “ultimate” goal is because it tends to imply a cessation, a stasis, a state of rest from which I=m no longer to be reached?

What is the difference between a human being and a demonic being, except that a human has all 4 elements, which would not be the case for the Demon? What is a Demon for you and for him?

I have looked at the link for Koetting’s sigils, but each time a strong and painful incomprehension comes up again and again: but why would the spirits help us to reach our goals? They ask for something in return, don’t they? As much as I know that the Angels or God are unconditional, but I have learned that this is not the case with the Demons? He charges the bill at the end of life? How does it work exactly?

He let his Dark Lord do all the work.

I’m sorry, that would take like a council of theologians and magicians and metaphysicians several years to answer, and it would still probably not be complete.

Find your own answers by evoking demonic beings and conversing with them. :+1:

Why would I bother answering questions here? Why would you help an old lady across the street?

Power and knowledge like to express themselves.

But again, you can only know by asking them.


So I have the right to believe that the Demons are finally beings as unconditional as the Angels but Tenebrous version?

To contact them it’s necessary to have opened the faculties, isn’t it? I thought I would learn from Morpheus Darkson, hoping that it will be reliable.

I can contact them even if I’m scared to death? Without developed faculty it is by the seals ? the Evocation ?

Are you a priestess?

To be a priestess, do you know of any training, or sites about it ?

Thank you very much