Vanishing Sigils

I keep all my sigils and various magical utensils in the same wooden box, and my routine when it comes to my rituals is always the same…open the box, take out what I need, then return said items to the box when Im done. So imagine my surprise when I opened my box, and Azazel’s sigil was nowhere to be found!

Noone enters my ritual space but me, and noone else has even seen this box but me. Nothing was out of place inside the box, and I have turned my house upside-down looking for it, trying to go through every possibility of me misplacing it, looking in the washer and even my car, but…it is GONE.

My main interpretation since then is that I should start branching out and communing with other spirits. For the past 3 months Ive only been in contact with 4 entities total, and almost on a daily basis, but it would seem my needs have changed. Grah’aht’talion has since taken the place Azazel for the time being.

Just curious if any others have experienced any phenomenon similar to this…I think its a pretty fantastic way of delivering a message through the veil!

I have experienced a similar thing with planetary seals. I put them on my altar when I want to work with them, and back away in a chest of drawers when I am done. A few times a seal has found its way on my altar with out me taking it out of the drawer. I don’t remember putting them there and my wife swears that she does not touch my occult paraphernalia.