Vampyrism Series : Episode 2 - Draining Someone Through Physical Contact (Basic/Beginner)

Vampyrism Series : Episode 2 - Draining Someone Through Physical Contact (Basic/Beginner).

Hope you all enjoy


Great video. Something you touched on the last video I like to point out to sanyone reading this is that vampirism is not just for gaining power. You can use feeding by touch as part of your defenses. Unfortunately, people have proven untrustworthy as one would like to think over the years so I tend to be very careful of what people I bring around my family.

One of the ways I do this is draining by touch if I cannot get a read off of them right away and I have found that a handshake is the least ackward method to do this on someone you do not know. While it is instinctual to use your right hand to demonstrate power, the left can actually show trust (especially if you did some digging prior to meeting them and found out they were in cub scouts, in the case of a new boss for example). Couple this with a warm smile and their defenses seem to naturally drop, opening them up for feeding. Then you can reflect on how you felt after the exchange to debate how to proceed with them. Doing this has helped me dodge some big bullets. Cleansing afterwards is a must as this tactic is not as efficient with filtering sadly.

Looking forward to the next video.