Vampyrism of thoughts and memories

Hey all,

I figured I’d make a post because I dont believe I’ve ever heard of anyone doing this before.

So I tried an experiment earlier today, and it seems to have worked. My partner was feeling insecure and upset, so I pressed my lips to their forehead (abouts where I saw discontent and where the third eye is) and saw their insecurity flowing into my mouth and into my stomach. Along with it I took some traumatic memories and negative energy.

They still, albeit vaguely, remember their memories, and I just tried the same thing through the crown chakra as well. I did this three or four times, and each time I did the memories faded further and further.

So, BALG, my lovelies; what are your thoughts?



I also had a candle I consecrated through the path of smoke burning while I did this so I didn’t suffer like I did this earlier today and the flame grew from being maybe a quarter inch to being an inch long.

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Hmm, this does explain why girls always get so relaxed when I compassionately kiss them on their forehead🤔


As an extension I’m working on the applications of doing this to ones self… Seems to work… Will update with results.

Please, don’t try this method listed above.